Art & Technology


we’re doing a laser cutting intro from 10:00 to 4:30 tomorrow, @sallyjbarker. Glad you like the laser cutting samples. Also been documenting stuff on the wiki page, along with @Freddie


There’s an Art & Technology session on Tuesday 2nd May, 7 - 9pm.

I plan to focus on laser-cutting, mainly creating 3D from 2D slices, but I can help with individual projects if you bring something along. It’s up to the members what you want to work on & learn . . . Please let me know in advance if you’ve got any particular requirements or suggestions.


The next monthly session will run 7 - 9pm on 6th June (usually the first Tuesday).

This will focus on laser-cutting - showing people how to make 3D forms from 2D slices, but help with individual projects is also an option if you bring something along.


I’ll be there and will bring some of my samples this time.


Ok, I’m flexible about what we work on, @emma


Tomorrow’s session is cancelled, as I need to prepare for HB Open Studios.


Apologies, but next Tuesday’s session is cancelled because Noisy Toys are running public workshops in the space that evening.


Sorry, but I can’t make this Tuesday’s Art & Technology session this Tuesday, and am away the following week. Let me know if anyone’s got anything they’re particularly interested in exploring, and we can set up something for October.


I’m not proposing to run a session tomorrow, as I’m not aware of anything anyone wants me to cover currently. I’ll be along on Wednesday instead.


Apologies, but I’m not planning a session tomorrow as I’m very busy just now. Please let me know if there’s anything people would like to look at in 1 of these sessions.


I’m not planning a session this Tuesday, but let me know if there’s anything anyone wants to cover, & we’ll sort something out.