Free stuff / Surplus to requirements


hi @paul123 we should have a silly scope session for sure! Managed to scope out the mass spec detector headamp which was interesting :smile:

Maybe Wednesday would be good for shelving?

I have also installed a printer scanner on the Windoze PC which would be useful for importing pictures et cetera @RoboGuy I could not find a Linux driver, software very easy to use.


@Giles yes, let’s put shelves up tonight. Here’s short video showing shelf sitting on bracket:


I’m just in the space to collect my step ladders. I can’t find mine but have found another similar pair. I’ll take that pair home, assuming someone has taken mine by mistake (?) If that’s the case then let me know if you want to swap them, maybe on Wednesday night, (I’ll be leaving here in about 20 minutes - just dropping the last industrial shelving off). Cheers…


Maybe @martin? Can’t think who else would have taken ladders down to the space.


Regarding the shelving, there is enough in the space now to make a 2m run, and a 1m run. I think the 2m run could fit very well to the left of where the Hammond organ is living, between the two supporting props.
The 1m could go in the dark corner where some mops are. The 1m run would need some fasteners (holes need drilling for nuts and bolts) to hold the bottoms of two of the legs to the base.

If no one has problems with the 2m run, I’ll assemble it between the posts Wednesday night.

Then I suggest we throw out / weigh in for scrap some of the other stuff that is now surplus to our requirements.

Then we can have a list of storage locations, to be used in the asset database (Airtable, see other thread).


Sounds good to me. I plan to head down Wednesday to unlock, but will be doing a spot of painting in the laser lab.


I took step ladders down to the space a while back, so I could hang signage in the corridor. Mine have got my name written on masking tape from when I used them at Tod Lamplighter. Hope nobody’s walked off with those - more than temporarily!


Sounds like we have some stepladder confusion to unravel tonight…


Does anyone know if these tower PCs are needed, or surplus to requirements, @9600, @Giles, @paul123?

Steve Summers can make use of them if they’re spare - either tomorrow for Scavengers’ workshops or later.


Hi Guy - I’m not using those PCs. I’m happy for Scavengers workshops to use them, whilst they’re at the Space.


Thanks, @paul123. It’d be good to get confirmation from others also.


Hi @RoboGuy I do not think anyone has any sentimental attachment to them, I think they are just waiting to have some fun!


+1. I think that lot pictured is fair game for being stripped down and the carcases disposed of.

Would suggest though that:

  • Whoever eviscerates them has the pleasure of removing the remains
  • It’s made very clear that it’s just the pictured PC towers and nothing else!!


OK, will offer those 5 to Steve today, @9600