Hebden Bridge Arts Festival & Open Studios


By the way, @danieru-san, would you please complete a BR membership form, so that we can gather your contact details etc - see: online form under membership here http://bridgerectifier.org.uk/about/

Thanks for the subs you’ve already paid.


Hi @RoboGuy I have a doorbell push to make it happen switch, bit tired now, just about got enough energy to make it to the pub a bit later, still trying to finish off other werk…

Tomorrow would be good, I will be at the tree at 15:00Hrs with my boy to fix switch and fill up the tank.

Cheers :smile:


Ok, @Giles, I’ll either be there at same time, or send you a message


Here’s what the willow looks like after @Giles set it weeping from a doorbell, & I hung BR signs & little BR logos in red acrylic sheet, some blue acrylic teardrops, “Make willow weep” signs & some arrows pointing at the switch in MDF. Things are now visible from the packhorse bridge, as well as Old Gate - go along & check it out!

It will probably look better when the sun comes out . . . . but maybe that wouldn’t be Hebden?!

Big thanks to @giles, @paul123, Deri for fetching all the water, & everyone else who helped @Giles with the installation.


Here are the Heritage Houses, which we laser cut to promote the Blue Plaque Trail, devised by HB Arts Festival last year to commemorate “who lived in my house 100 years ago”. As part of this year’s Arts Fest tree trail, they’re on a tree in the park/ memorial gardens near the picture house.

Bee designed the house shapes, into which I entered all the lettering for 24 houses; Kate coordinated the project, & presumably hung them all.


I noticed them , they look great - look forward to seeing the weeping willow water tree. I have some of tomorrow available if theres anything left to do?


Thanks for the offer @sallyjbarker. There probably isn’t anything else to do now. I noticed the comments about a dancing theme, but that confuses me as the festival theme is water, and BR’s concept is about making a weeping willow weep, which @giles & his team have done effectively - just a shame someone nicked the triggered toy chainsaw.


Who’s up for helping out next weekend for Open Studios? I recall @emma volunteering - how about @Caz, @sallyjbarker & others?

We’ve registered BR to open to the public 11 - 5 on Satuday 8th & Sunday 9th June. It’s a very sociable event, and a great way to engage the public in what we’re about. I’d be grateful if people would help by volunteering to staff the space over the weekend. We need to showcase what can be done with a laser-cutter, and show off our 3D printer, even if none of us have used the new machine yet. Any explanations of electronics and computing would also be good - it’s partly a matter of showing off visual stuff, and partly responding positively to any enquiries.

I’m happy to produce a flyer for visitors to take away, and it’d be good if we could schedule another laser-cutting intro ASAP, so we can publicise that. I plan to open my studio at Artsmill, but mainly to promote BR - I’ll be showing laser-cut stuff, handing out flyers, and encouraging people to visit Hebble End, where I hope someone will be there to greet them!


Just to clarify, I am happy to volunteer for one of the days and am gathering a collection of visual laser cut stuff that I don’t mind members of the public handling. But I don’t really know anything about explaining electronics.


OK, @emma, that’s a great help - which day do you want to do? I’ll probably have to do the other one myself as some members are away & nobody else seems willing to help. Are you coming tonight?


Hi @RoboGuy, I’d prefer to do Sunday, but could do half of each day if that suits you better. Basically, I’d like time to see the other studios too. I’d been planning on coming tonight, but then saw the note on the other thread about the open meeting being cancelled. If you’re busy in your studio, I could meet you there for a chat?


I cancelled Tuesday’s monthly Art & Technology session, not the Open Evening. I’ll be there tonight, @emma, if you’d like to discuss then.


Great, I’ll be there later.


sorry i’ve had friends over from australia
I can come down over the weekend to help in some way - but not confident to be in charge of the laser cutter on my own . I’m afraid I havent done all the stages on my own. (In general in terms of BR, I’d love to still explore cutting into leather , glass, perspex, slate etc but I dont seem to be making the time to do this? Not sure if you want such casual members , it seems to be a more committed group?)
Anyway , for this weekend I can come down anytime really for a couple of hours as an extra, not sure if thats useful? I could bring some different materials so we had some things to lasercut play with?


Thanks @sallyjbarker. I was planning to put up a simple display in my studio at Artsmill, so that I can leave that on Saturday & be at BR instead. @emma has volunteered to oversee the space on Sunday. We’ve tried to tidy up a bit, & hung a few samples from the beams. By all means come along & join in whenever you like. We won’t be laser-cutting all day as we’ll be talking to visitors a lot of the time hopefully, but it will be useful to be able to test different designs & materials, provided they’re compatible for laser-cutting.

I met a leather worker today, who’s interested in checking out laser-cutting potential. She’s hoping to pop in on Saturday, or next Wednesday evening. Would be great to apply the machine to another material.

As for ‘casual members’, we’ve all got other lives that get in the way of making stuff etc. So, don’t worry about that - just get along when you can.


I’ve taken down the laser-cut signs I could reach from the weeping willow, @Giles. So, I don’t know when you’d like to climb up the tree again & take down everything else?