The last thing you made


Here’s a drawing it made at BR’s first open day on Saturday. I’m playing with thin pens, seeing how small it can draw.


You could upload the form to Dropbox or similar, share it, and then link to it from here.


Wish I understood what that means properly. I’ve steered clear of twitter, but would like to see more about this - outputs etc.

It reminds me of an exhibition at Manchester City Art Gallery a year or 2 ago, where various artists provided simple instructions for visitors to make artworks. One involved wetting newspaper & added it around a ball of newspaper until it reached 1 - 2 ft diameter. Then it was supposed to be rolled around (the streets?) & maybe a video posted somewhere. Whacky . . . .


I made a fried breakfast earlier today.

Earlier this year I made a mobile phone base station with a Raspberry Pi 2 and SDR board.


My first post so be gentle :smile:

Last thing I completed was a larger than life armature of a woman made from rebar and welding rods which went down to Forest Gate in east London so an artist friend could enter it into the Newham arts trail.

Things in various stages of completion include an electric wooden series 1 land rover for the kids, an RPi based heating control system using one wire sensors and a tractor renovation.


Ah, well the last thing I made in completeness was a 24 bit PoE/Ethernet/LVDS 8 channel true simultaneous sampling 200 ksps data acquisition system. Then it got turned into a bunch of other things.

The last thing I made at home was my dinner though.


What the heck was that for?!


Well, if I don’t eat I get very hungry!

Oh, the other thing was just the day job. Stuff like that is why I’m the first to arrive and the last to leave!

Current thing is a bootloader to program an STM32 from another STM32. Not much potential to let the magic smoke out there though, so not quite as exciting. Easy way of doing an over the air update though for the cost of a 90p micro and maybe a 60p EEPROM if I’m not clever enough to do it a different way.

Anyone got a use for that?! I haven’t, yet!


The last thing I made, with some help from @treb0r, was this Wordpress website for Heptonstall Social & Bowling Club:
Now if only the ‘Events’ page would open a calendar tab on a smartphone like it does on a PC - without expecting me to log in & sync my phone to it . . . .