Wednesday Evening is Open Evening


Hi All,

I’m planning on opening up tomorrow with me lad from 18:0 0Hrs. We will have to leave at about 20:00 Hrs.



Ah, that’s good @Giles, because I was down to open up and I just remembered I need to get my keys from @Freddie.

@Freddie, any chance I could collect the keys tonight or tomorrow night? Will be passing through HB around 18:30 tonight and tomorrow.


@paul123 didn’t get a notification e-mail for some reason and so I need to look into that, but I’ve just logged on and approved your account request.


Hi Andrew. I’m in Hebden until 18:00 tonight and only 16:00 tomorrow. After that I have to be at home. I’d be getting to hebble end around 20:00 tomorrow either way.


Hi Freddie. OK, that should work out if @Giles is opening up. I’ll be there by 19:00 and plan to leave at 21:00, but if you’re down by 20:00 or so I can get the keys then and if you want to stay past 21:00 you can lock up :slight_smile:


Will be heading down to open up the space around 18:45. Planning to fit the steel cabinet to the wall, but will need a hand with this and wondering who else might be heading along… @paul123, @Giles, @Freddie?


Hi @9600, @Giles, @Freddie I wasn’t planning on coming down tonight… still at work now :frowning: . Andrew, I can help you get the cabinet up another evening if you need. Just let me know.


No worries, @paul123. Will try to get the cabinet mounted this evening if possible, as it avoids ferrying tools between here and work again.


Sorry @9600, I didn’t see this until late last night - I managed to sit through you putting the cabinet up on your own - sorry! Next time, please do feel free to ask for a hand. I SAID, NEXT TIME, ASK FOR A HAND - AND BRING EAR PROTECTORS. :wink:


Hi @Freddie no worries, @richard gave me a hand with the marking out etc. Definitely wearing ear defenders next time I have to use an SDS drill with a big masonry bit!


Just a note to say that, as far as I am aware, nobody will be opening the space up this evening.

Correct me if I am wrong and otherwise see folks in the new year, on Wed 4th January :slight_smile:


I’ll be opening the space up tomorrow night at 7PM or just before.

The vent, ducting and jubilee clips for the laser cutter have arrived, so will be on with fitting this.


I’ll be along tomorrow too, rather than tonight, @9600


Just to note that I might not be able to make it down this coming Wednesday 18th Feb. Not sure if someone else fancies opening up? If so, if they could update the wiki.


I’ll be down on Wednesday, so happy to open up, @9600


Thanks, @RoboGuy. Updated the above with the correct link to the wiki! If you could update the Open Evenings page when you get a mo.


I can open up tomorrow by 7pm. Anyone for laser-cutting?

I’ll try using the wiki sometime, but haven’t yet succeeded with the account registration process.


Got a date with a VAT return for 3rd night running I’m afraid. However, plan to call by on the way home to check that the laser cutter computer powers up (I’ll leave it on just in case…) and to drop off some storage boxes.

Aiming to get down next week and to have a bit of a tidy up.


OK, may see you there, @9600. Good luck with the VAT return . . .


PC booted fine first time and I’ve left it on. If anyone needs to move the plastic boxes just take care not to drop them or put down heavily, as they easily shatter with shock. They seem fine otherwise.

Be good to get the space a bit better organised and smarter ahead of the workshop.