3D Printing & Design


We loaned the Makerbot Replicator 2 for Chip Hack as part of Wuthering Bytes this week. This meant I had to set my laptop up ready for anyone to send prints from it.

Initially, I downloaded Makerbot Print, but this doesn’t work with USB cable. Apparently, the latest software mainly supports networking, but supports ‘older’ machines by allowing printing from SD card. Makerbot Desktop can be downloaded, but was difficult to find - various operating systems are catered for here: https://support.makerbot.com/troubleshooting/makerbot-desktop-software/software-download/download_12190
It’s easy to send a print from this, and the GUI enables you to select filament temperature, which I reduced from 230 to 220C, but maybe even lower would be ok. The latest stock of filament that I’ve bought for BR stipulates 190 - 220 C.

I also downloaded OpenSCAD to experiment with for the initial 3D design aspect, though other options are available, including Sketchup.

Anyone else interested into getting to grips with all this? It’d be good if a few of us could make a start here . . .

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Here’s the series of 3D-printed ‘snotty vases’ I mentioned tonight to Pat, by the Dutch artist, Marcel Wanders: https://www.dezeen.com/2007/03/19/airborne-snotty-vases-by-marcel-wanders/

I’m not sure whether your cave networks would turn out something like this?!

Jason Foster’s ‘Immersion 2’ exhibition in Artsmill’s Lounge (until 4th Feb) is of panoramic photos & using cardboard VR-type goggles to pan around other images - a bit less dramatic than these cave shots we looked at: http://wscc.darkgem.com/footleg/pano/Risco.html


When I was in the space today, it was great to see 3D-printed works by @Picus, using his own machine he’s asked BR to host, and a piece in progress. Here are some pics of the works . . .

Steve reckons material cost for this was about £1.20

This uses ‘silver silk resin’ (I think) - a fabulous shimmery effect:

The lower jaw’s still printing:

Looking forward to seeing the pieces put together . . . .


Yes, they look amazing. I look forward to getting familiar with the printer.
We should probably retire the oldest 3D printer in the workshops. The one with the threaded bar for support-arms.


Read about this new process a few times lately, but this video shows it off well - projecting a ‘video’ onto a vat of resin, & using certain light waves to cure resin selectively for a 3D form:
Is this the method you’ve heard about, @picus, and said still needs a period under UV (?) light before it hardens?