Discourse Problems


I created a thread ages ago for ‘Hebden Bridge Open Studios - July 2018’. Firstly, @emma couldn’t access this, and then it was only visible when I searched for it. So, I created a new thread ‘Hebden Bridge Open Studios (July 2018)’, moved the posts to that & deleted the old one. The new thread is visible, but @emma still can’t view it. Her trust level is set as ‘2 - Member’. Would someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong/ not doing?! Thanks.


@RoboGuy I’ve had a look and don’t see much different between @emma 's account and mine, which can see the new thread.
Emma, have you tried different browsers?


Ok, I have ‘moderator’ flag set. Emma and Steve don’t. Can’t see why that would cause the symptoms, but it is a difference I’ve noticed.


Just commented on that other thread. Trust Level 2 Member means nothing. You need to be added to the “Members” group. Just done this for a few folk. @paul123, see the admin link I posted in the other thread.


Thanks, @9600. Please advise where that’s done - I need to flag a few more members now I can see it.


Ignore that request, @9600, I’ve seen your comment in the other thread now. I think I just couldn’t see it for looking. I’ve amended the setting for a few members.