Discourse Problems


I created a thread ages ago for ‘Hebden Bridge Open Studios - July 2018’. Firstly, @emma couldn’t access this, and then it was only visible when I searched for it. So, I created a new thread ‘Hebden Bridge Open Studios (July 2018)’, moved the posts to that & deleted the old one. The new thread is visible, but @emma still can’t view it. Her trust level is set as ‘2 - Member’. Would someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong/ not doing?! Thanks.


@RoboGuy I’ve had a look and don’t see much different between @emma 's account and mine, which can see the new thread.
Emma, have you tried different browsers?


Ok, I have ‘moderator’ flag set. Emma and Steve don’t. Can’t see why that would cause the symptoms, but it is a difference I’ve noticed.


Just commented on that other thread. Trust Level 2 Member means nothing. You need to be added to the “Members” group. Just done this for a few folk. @paul123, see the admin link I posted in the other thread.


Thanks, @9600. Please advise where that’s done - I need to flag a few more members now I can see it.


Ignore that request, @9600, I’ve seen your comment in the other thread now. I think I just couldn’t see it for looking. I’ve amended the setting for a few members.


This means very little to me, but . . . .apparently Discourse doesn’t work with IPV6, but DNS is apparently set up. Can somebody please fix the web server - @treb0r or @9600 or . . . ?


Website and Discourse appear to be working fine to me. Where are you seeing issues? A verbatim error would be useful.


Ben was seeing Error 44. I’m sure @picus can explain much better than me - please advise @9600! I’m aware Pat’s had problems with the forum, so may be the same issue? They don’t have IDs because haven’t been able to register.


It was just giving Ben a 404. It looks like the ipv6 “AAAA” records are set up for the site at DNS level (or at least a wildcard subdomain) but the corresponding set up hasn’t been done at the web server end of things. All my web server work had been ipv4 set up and Apache or I’d be able to say exactly what needs setting up…