Flooding update


Just put a “WANTED” post for a fridge on freecycle - not sure if we’ll get lucky. I also plan to buy & donate a cheap kitchen bin.


@RoboGuy can we also buy a replacement fridge out of the relief money? Would be good to have one again. In fact, we could really do with a bin, fridge and vac (maybe a Henry?)


Yes, @9600, I realize we can use our flood relief grant if we need. I just thought I’d see if we could get anyone’s old one, though I’m aware a lot of others will have been asking over the last few months. I saw a bin for £7, so I’m happy to donate that. Agree that a vac would be good, but am no expert on options there.


I’m not vac expert, but Henry vacs seem pretty reliable and we’re likely to be hoovering up metal shavings and the like at some point.


Actually, one of the best vacuums I’ve ever bought is the 30 quid wet and dry one from Screwfix.

I have had two of these (both still work! I just needed them in different counties). They’re great. Though now I’ve written this, they seem to have gone up to 35 quid. I felt they were ideal for clearing up dirt and junk in a workshop environment. Mine also empties the boat bilge when it rains heavily :wink:


I shall bow to your superior vacuuming knowledge! Nice price, too…

Shall we get one, @RoboGuy?


OK, I’ll check out getting one @9600. Thanks for the recommendation @WetEmoFish


OK, @9600, just ordered the vac & will collect from Screwfix tomorrow.


Great stuff, thanks @RoboGuy!

I’ll see if I can source a cheap under counter fridge to replace the old one.


I can confirm that the Titan vacuum cleaner which Guy procured does indeed appear to work well (gave the space a bit of a vac earlier on).


I popped into the space briefly today, & was told that some of our rubbish had been left outside the building, & this wasn’t allowed. Apparently, there was a door, & some other stuff, which included a slip of paper with Bridge Rectifier’s name. It’s all been ‘returned’ to our lobby area.

There’s no trade waste arrangement at Hebble End. So, we’re responsible for removing all of our own waste. I’ve brought a bag of rubbish home a few times myself. We need to take larger stuff to the tip, but in cars, not vans - due to limitations on trade waste.


My titan vacuum broke. You will need to keep it away from future floods as although it is a wet and dry vacuum it will not survive a fall into the canal!


No, I can see how that may be a problem, @WetEmoFish !


Yet another flood warning - no wonder after such a prolonged wet spell.

www.eyeoncalderdale.com/maps says re River Calder & Hebden Water at Hebden Bridge that "river levels are expected to rise and remain high into this evening. . . . There could also be surface water problems . . . . "

Hope the space is ok.


Seems that “surface water problems” were the real issue last night. My house was under threat but not from the river. Had to wade out in my wellies to unblock a drain to avoid disaster, seems the same was happening up and down the valley.

I know of one person who flooded and they live nowhere near the river.


Yes, it looked like a surface water problem to me, @treb0r. Someone on the news said they couldn’t unblock drains until trees had dropped all their leaves, & then they all need doing at once. Certainly seem to be many blocked drains in Heptonstall, so all the water runs down the hill, & then where?


Possibly into people’s homes.

Not that I’m blaming the council or anyone else. The kind of rain we saw yesterday evening is just so intense that it will cause problems whatever. We just didn’t get rain like that in the good old days, at least not that I can remember.


Into peoples homes if Burnley Road was anything to go by, it was like driving through a river. Some of the houses that faced onto the road will have flooded for sure.


Forgot to say, but we found a suspected leak from the ceiling a few weeks ago. There was a pool of water on 1 of the benches, under where all the vintage computers were stored. It all poured out of the Atari’s base, when I tilted that, so I drained as much as I could, and left it on the floor, tilted against the bench.

So, please don’t leave anything you care about in that area. There are some water marks where plasterboard sections meet, so that’s where we concluded it had come from. It had been raining at the time, so maybe it’s the roof?


I spoke with the landlord about this and the conclusion that we drew was that it was most likely caused by a particularly stormy evening, with rain driving against the windows.

Worth keeping any sensitive/valuable things off that area of the bench, though, and keeping an eye on it…