Wednesday Evening is Open Evening


In the absence of anyone else volunteering, I’ll come down & unlock again by 7pm tonight.


Down at the space now with @RoboGuy, and Paul R., who has brought an amateur radio transceiver down.


Turns out I’d completely forgotten that we’re off to a concert in Leeds on Wednesday, which means I won’t be down this week. And then next week, Wed 16th, I’ll be in Oxford, so won’t be able to open up.

@paul123, if you’re down this week or next if you could give my keys to @treb0r or @RoboGuy.


I’ll be along to open up by 7pm tomorrow. See you if you’re around @paul123.

I’m collecting some more children’s drawings from a Todmorden primary school, and will be transcribing these in electroluminescent wire for Todmorden Lamplighter - less than 2 weeks to go now.


I’ll be down for an hour or so. I’m just setting off now…


Are you guys there now? I just tried the bell a good number of times with no response.


Hi Freddie - Sorry we missed you - we were here. The doorbell must be broken. Give me a call - 07519869480.


Doorbell needs plugging in when you get into the space. It’s plugged in to a power strip along with some of the computers, which seem to sometimes power up by themselves, so the power strip gets unplugged at the end of the night.

A better solution is probably going to be to find a socket we can leave the doorbell permanently plugged in to. Maybe the same one and via a double-adapter, as there seemed to be limited positions in the space where the doorbell could be received.

Might need to also make a more prominent sign with details of the landline number on as a backup.


The doorbell was plugged in on Wednesday, we checked after we realised Freddie had been ringing it.


It was ok. Freddie came back later. The doorbell worked ok. He now realises the landline is at the space, not someone’s home.


Ah, right. Afraid I’m away this Wed (in Oxford), but will obviously be along on Saturday and can open up next Wednesday.


OK, I’ll be along to open up again tomorrow from 7pm. I’ll be finishing off my Todmorden Lamplighter project - for display on Saturday evening, 19th November.


Hi Guy et al.,

It’s been a while… I’ll be there from 6 tonight see you later :grinning:


Welcome back, @Giles! See you tonight.


@9600 will you be down this Wednesday? Could do with picking your brain about something Pi related


Yep, will be opening up tomorrow night @Matt.


I’ll be away again this Wednesday. @paul123, not sure if perhaps you might be able to open up?


Yes, sure It’s in my calendar. Cheers.


Thanks, @paul123! I’ve created a wiki page so that we can add some info about open evenings and track who is down to open up when:

If you and @RoboGuy would like to register on the wiki, I can approve your account requests and then you can edit it. Also a good place to log into about the Food Computer and other projects.


Hi Andrew, did you not get my wiki account request? I made the application last week.