Wednesday Evening is Open Evening


I should be down just before 7PM to open up tomorrow night (24th August).

Not sure if Richard, who dropped by last week, has registered on here? There was talk of trying to load coreboot on an IBM ThinkPad or two.

I’ll bring my flash chip clip (suitable for an X60) along just in case.

Also to note that I don’t think I’ll be able to head down next Weds (31st) or the one after (7th September), due to Wuthering Bytes stuff.


We now have a phone for incoming calls, and an answering machine. Due to pressure from neighbouring tenants, we’re likely to keep the front door locked. So, please note the access procedure & BR phone number.

Instructions to the left of the external door read: Doorbell switch - press at bottom & release sharply. Repeat after a few seconds.

If no answer, call 01422 847053


Good work @RoboGuy @9600 :smile:


Anyone about at 6pm tonight? 31/8/16


sorry, @mickfuzz, I can’t get there until 7pm tonight


If you come down tonight, @mickfuzz, please note that the front door will probably be locked, but you can ring the wireless doorbell to the left of the entrance door. Try it 2 or 3 times, & if there’s non answer, phone our new number: 01422 847053. I’ll be there from 7pm


thanks for the reply, I could only stay in HB till 6.30 this week
i’ll try to make it next week or at the weekend.


I can’t make the next 2 Wednesdays, as I’ll be on holiday. Hopefully, someone else will be along to open up?


I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it along next Wednesday, 7th September, due to Wuthering Bytes related stuff. However, I think @treb0r is now back?


Hi all, I’m back, and will be opening up the space from about 6.30 this Wednesday 07/09/16.

Planning to stay until around 9.30ish


I’m hoping to come tomorrow, all fired up After learning how to solder at wutheung bytes!


Well that’s good because you can help me to get started too.

See you tomorrow :smile:


@Giles are you around this evening? We have some guests coming from down south and it would be great if you could explain how the / your box of tricks actually works :boom:


I’ll be opening up again this evening, probably around 6.30ish.


I plan to head down also, to work on the funding application for the laser cutter.


Can’t be there tonight as I’m on holiday. Still need to help with blurb fir laser-cutter grant application, @9600


It was a good crack this evening and great to see different people down. See you next week :sunny:


I’ll be down to open up again this evening. Hoping to get there by 6.30ish but it might be closer to 7. Planning to stay until around 9.00ish.


I’ll be down about 7pm. I’ll bring some scrap 2.5" HDDs and torx wrenches so the guy with the dead disk (forgot his name) can practice swapping his diode.


Great, see you later then @paul123 :smile: