Wednesday Evening is Open Evening


Is there one on tomorrow night?


@shirtboy yep, I plan to open up at 7PM. Not sure if @RoboGuy is heading down? I think @Giles is, but understand that @treb0r is working…


Okay I’ll try and get there a bit after 7 then:grinning:


yes, i’ll be there tonight @9600 and @Shirtboy


hi @Shirtboy @9600 @RoboGuy @Martin @treb0r I will be aiming to get down there just after 19:00 Hrs Cheers :smile:


Sorry I can’t be there chaps. Got lots of work on this evening :cry:


Just to note that I plan to head down for 7PM or just before, but will be leaving just before 8PM. So, I can open up, but if no other key holders come down by the time I need to leave I will have to lock up then. Not sure if @treb0r, @RoboGuy or @Giles are heading down?


Hi @9600 @treb0r, @RoboGuy, I am stuck in the lab the laser is having a hissy fit need more photons… I will be here till late but if anyone still about I may get back for after 9 or make last orders in the Fox depending on how things go.


I’ll be down tonight for awhile @9600, so can lock up.


Apologies I couldn’t come tonight, I was visiting my mother who has had an operation.

I passed the first chapter test in my electronics book though:grin:


I’ll be down to unlock tonight for 7pm


I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it down tonight, as I’ve got a mechanic visiting with a view to breathing life into a neglected Land Rover, so that it can be taken away and made to work reliably again.


I’m afraid I can’t make it either. I’m going to be away until the start of September. I’m hoping that version 2.0 of the Food Computer will be available to start building when I get back.


Will be down by 7pm to open up tonight. Working with @9600 on trying to get the 3D-printer communicating properly back to PC correctly.

Also plan to load amended Arduino code onto clever wireless doorbell thingummy built by @9600.


@RoboGuy how did you get on with the doorbell? Should I bring a drill along tomorrow night?


I haven’t done it yet, @9600, but I’ll look at the program today/ tomorrow. So, let’s aim to fit it tomorrow night.


@RoboGuy shall I bring the drill etc?


yes, just about to start looking at program changes, @9600


Seems to only play once now, @9600. Bit worried, as it worked first time! Spent awhile researching it though, so hope all’s ok. Maybe play with the doorbell tune now . . . .


Nice work!

And, yes, a different tune is much needed!