17th May - Transformers

Continuing the discussion from Science and Materials fun day :slight_smile::

OK lets meet up on the 17th May for a first session. In the mean time it would be good to collect some transformers that we can re-wind. It looks like old microwave ovens are good for our upcycling repurposing endevours

I really like the idea of generating some high current and for a different project high voltage. We can also discuss the theory behind transformers with respect to the ratio of the primary and secondary windings, its pretty simple and also very useful.

Check out Photonicinduction if you have not seen his work before it will no doubt inspire !

We should have a go at making a smaller version of this:-

and try not to pop the meter (Parental advisory; Enthusiastic electrician :scream: )

I can also bring along some other high voltage antiquities same as this one and a hand cranked version

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