Aeroponics, Hydroponics, Food Computers, Open Agriculture

Thanks to investment and research over the last few years we could be on the verge of a food growing revolution that will see many more of us learn how to do it ourselves at home (and inside).

The vision is that if we humans can grow food inside and in urban areas, we might be able to free up all of that land that is currently used for growing crops. We could then re-wild the countryside and replant lots of trees to help soak up all of that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Food grown close to where people live does not need to be carried around on lorries. It turns out that food grown inside is less susceptible to pathogens and predators so does not require the use of pesticides.

Aeroponic growing techniques require up to 98% less water than traditional agriculture.

I’m presenting a few links here for those interested in learning more. I’m hoping to get an Open Source Food Group running at Bridge Rectifier in the coming months.

MIT Media Lab Open Agriculture (“OpenAG”) Initiative

Food Computer Blog

NASA Inflatable Aeroponic Prototype

Project Eden


All very interesting, @treb0r. Won’t we all need bigger houses?! Easier said than done in Heptonstall . . . .

Well up for this–think it would interest more than few folks in the valley too (Incredible Edible and so on) :slight_smile:

I’m going to try something like this. Should make a nice starting point.