All Things Open

The first All Things Open Meeting is on at the space tonight from 7.00pm.

I’ll be taking a look back over 2015 and a look forward to what 2016 might hold for the Open Source software and culture.

Please bring festive drinks and snacks and join us for a drink in the pub afterwards.

Here’s a list of the topics we discussed this evening for further reading:

WordPress at 25% Market share

WordPress 4.4

WordPress API

WordPress Calypso

WordPress Roots


Meteor JS

Rocket Chat

Ubuntu Convergence

Ubuntu / Canonical LXD

Atom Editor




Let’s Encrypt


Thanks @treb0r - I’ll try reading up some of that, so that I can catch up a bit ahead of your next session.

It was an informative and enjoyable evening. Thanks to @treb0r for hosting this and looking forward to the next one in January!

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Thanks all for coming along, I enjoyed it.

The next ATO will be held on Thursday January 28th 2016 as I’m away on the second Thursday.

I’m hoping to announce a special guest for the February meeting soon.

Is there going to be an ATO this month, @treb0r?

Yes, let’s do it on Thursday 18th Feb.

Not sure exactly what we’ll be discussing just yet.

I won’t be here. I’m in London most 3rd Thursday’s of each month organising . Around the week after.

Okay, let’s do it on the 25th instead then.

Shall we make the Calderdale IOT project the focus of discussion?

Just remembered that I’ve got tickets to see a band at the Trades on 25th. How about Wed 24th instead? I could do a short introduction to the Things Network, a free and open IoT data network.

Yes okay. I’ll do a round up of general open source news.

I’m away skiing all that week - that’s another ATO I’ll miss. I’m sure I’ll be there one month . . .

Hi All,

Details of the next All Things Open, which will be hosted next week on Weds 24th Feb, and on the topic of The Things Network and LoRaWAN:



Correction: this will actually be on Thursday 25th.

Sorry about that!

Hi All, Is anyone going to be about tonight?

@giles, yes, will be there by 7PM, if not before!

I can’t make it - going to IOU Theatre’s workshop on folded paper lanterns - could come in handy. Feel free to unpack the 3kW fan heater I left in the space - another’s on order.

ATO is happening at the space on Thursday 24th of March, 6.30pm. More details here: