Arduino / electronics meet-up, Tues 20th Oct

Hi All,

I — and hopefully a few others! — will be heading down to the space this Tuesday evening, from 7PM until 9PM or so. The original idea was for this to be an Arduino meet-up, but that’s perhaps a little too specific and I think we should expand this out to general electronics projects. So, maybe you want to build something using a Raspberry Pi, or are working on a project, or just generally interested in electronics…

Just to be clear, this is not a workshop as such, although there will be a few Arduinos and other bits, with the opportunity to have a go.

Stuff you might want to bring along, if you have them:

  • An Arduino, Raspberry Pi or similar
  • A project you’re working on!
  • An idea for a project
  • Laptop



Unfortunately I can’t make this Tuesday, but I’ve already put the 10th November on the calendar so I’ll be at the next one.

I will be able to come on tuesday. Saw a lovely Arduino based light/noise machine at the Media Museum today in Bradford.

Here is a link to the project blog


I’m in London from tomorrow until the following week. So maybe next time!

I’ll be down shortly

For those of you interested in the audio/arduino distro for the Pi

“Satellite CCRMA is a platform for building embedded musical instruments and embedded art installations. Used by artists and engineers alike, Satellite CCRMA integrates together open-source software and hardware components including some novel software. Most importantly, Satellite CCRMA comes with examples that make it possible for new users to get up and running within a matter of minutes.”

CCRMA Satellite

I had a simple generative PureData patch running tonight on the Pi - if I can get it installed, anyone can. Will try to make a generative, synth-like, drone-box for the noise orchestra next month.

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