Arduino Intro Day

@RichardC suggested we start running other public workshops to raise awareness of the group and boost membership numbers, maybe starting with something like Arduino. Any thoughts?

  • Who would like to organise this & lead on training - @RichardC?

  • Eventbrite seems a good way to manage bookings, with an advert on Hebweb & listings on Facebook groups.

  • We’d need to identify an exercise to work through, so that we’re clear about the steps to follow, and all trainers be familiar with it. How long should each session be?

  • Would we use just our own laptops, or invite attendees to install the Arduino IDE on their own machines before coming?

  • Would BR buy a few Arduinos, or ask attendees to buy their own? Which model? In my experience, Arduino clones don’t always respond the same on all pin numbers - worth bearing in mind/ checking for any different models.

Top idea chaps! I have a couple of starterkits from Oomlout which are great. They come with a few basic tutorials and all the components you need. No power supply,but they do come with a nine volt battery adapter. I could ask him how much he would sell us a handful for. They retail for about £70, but I’m sure he’d do us a deal. Happy to use my two for any workshops.
Also, it would be great for any interested parties to perhaps get together regularly to do interesting stuff with the Arduino and raspi? I’m keen to get a cnc drawing machine made, maybe of interest to you Guy?? I’m some way down the track, but my lack of electronic knowledge slows me down.

CNC drawing machine sounds interesting, @MattHowarth.

Maybe before we spec Arduino models etc, we think through what’s achievable in a limited time? I think a taster session for the public shouldn’t be too long, so that we can get decent numbers through in a day, & help raise awareness of BR to more people. Would we want to do 3 x 2-hour sessions in a day, or what?

I’m away for another week, but i can bring one of these starter kits down on the 19th for you all to have a look at and see how long we think some of the tutorials would take , there are about 10 from memory.

For a cheap quick project how about a flame-effect lamp.

For 25cm tall lamp we’d need:

  • £3 Arduino
  • £3 led strip
  • £3 USB power outlet (2A)
  • £1 wood base, dowel to hold the LED strip up, paper for light-diffuser, link-wires.

I can bring an example LED strip down one night.

How about a night other than Wednesday, anyone? There’s a potential new member who can’t make Wednesday nights…

Any member is free to open up on any night, @paul123, either ad-hoc or regularly. Just volunteer to open up and invite members to come along. Yes, there are people who can’t make any Wednesday, and I can’t make every Wednesday, so may be able to do other evenings occasionally. All we need are volunteers . . . .