Beeping laser water cooler


In the space now, switched the laser on and getting E02 and beeping from the water cooler. Don’t want to proceede if the water is frozen.

Seems like it’s just stopped now, anyone know what the problem is? Cheers in avance

Hi @RichardC i am no sure what type of chiller is installed on the system, but if you google that error code you should be able to find some omre information: -

This may be of use


We had this issue the other week, @RichardC a little while after turning on the laser cutter, and Oliver also had the same problem - the space is quite cold when you first arrive. On the advice of @9600, who has a similar machine, there are 2 options BEFORE STARTING TO LASER CUT:-

  • either just leave it beeping & eventually it should stop, when it warms up enough;
  • or after a few mins of beeping, turn it off & on again (yes, really!), and then wait for the temperature to settle to see if it dips too low again or not.

When it happened to me, I tried the 2nd method. The 2nd time it was switched on, the temperature started falling, but eventually settled without further alarms. ONLY THEN DID I START LASER-CUTTING.