Bridge Rectifier Drone Racing Team?

So how about getting team rectifier off the ground (literally)?

For anyone unfamiliar with the thrills and spills associated with this nascent sport, check it out:

Something happened nearby quite recently. I’ve emailed to ask them to come in and give a quick talk at an openday?

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Ha, that’s a video of Calder Holmes park in Luddendenfoot on the homepage!

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I’ve just had a quick email exchange with simon from the AGPY. he will drop by tomorrow evening at 6pm. I’ve suggested he joins the forum and pointed at this conversation.


Fantastic, it would be great to have an experienced hand around to help us get this moving.

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I went along to the recent event at Luddenden Foot. I was interested to see a number of racers take the home-made approach, whilst others start off with something they know works. A lot of the parts are from high tech materials & surprisingly resilient.

I’ve got a Zano on order via Kickstarter - I’m hoping to find creative uses for it, rather than racing, but that’s the artist in me . . . .

hello guys and girls

I will be coming for a chat tomorrow about the racing and stuff.

il bring some toys and you can all have a look at the gear we use and ask some Qs if you want…

see ya tomorrow! :slight_smile:


yes mate :slight_smile: it was…
my local favourite park

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I was at the Luddendenfoot race too, and have been learning to fly with an X4. They mentioned regular meetups in a Halifax car park; meaning to head over when I’m back from Germany.


team livery options? wip3out styling from Designers Republic?

Funny you should say that. Wipeout was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw that drone racing video.

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totally, wip3out= still play it! the way to take the drones fwd! that game series - amazing really, let’s talk to DP, they are yorkshire after all…

you might be interested in this article. it talks about a ‘drone’ design fiction.

there’s another article in a special edition of Digital Creativity Journal I edited on Design Fictions. I’ll see if I can make a copy available for

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I still play it too. Shame they didn’t do a new version for PS4. The PS3 version is awesome.

Do DP still exist?

I dare you to contact them!

meant DR as in tDR not DP - and no, don’t think still exist - at least not as a big agency. Ian Anderson or someone recently sold off a load of tDR assets and design memorabilia so my guess is that somethings over - they would never do a freebie. we could see if someone wanted to talk to us though. I hear the design team for wip3out series are starting a new thing. pretty sure I’ve seen kickstarter or similar. will take a look. someone starting something up might be up for promo-talks to the ‘racing team’

Sorry, I meant DR too.

Wow, Design Fiction? Mind officially blown. I’m trying to ingest/digest that hacker manifesto from yesterday before I tackle this. Looks amazing though.

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