Bridge Rectifier Food Computer

That’s interesting Giles, thanks. Less environmental control than the PFC, but a much larger growing area.

All: Regarding the BoM, I haven’t been asked for edit-access by anyone. There is an open invite for others to participate. I do know some people said they were busy until after Christmas, and others (understandably) don’t have much interest in a Food Computer… but I thought there’d be more interest in this project than there has been.
Or were people waiting for me to complete the BoM conversion?

I’m totally 100% committed to the project but also up to my ears in work and family.

Things will calm down in the new year and I will be able to get involved again.

Hoping to get down to the space on Wednesday evening, maybe see you there?

Hi all, yes same same I’m busy writing but will be free after the end of January :smile: the food computer project has great potential, ticks all the boxes and we also get fed what could be better!

See you all on Wednesday.

Here’s a quick update on the PFC2 costs and maturity, from the creator’s forum at:

Incomplete BoM cost: $2914.38.

Add to this some custom assemblies:
Chiller unit,
LED lighting assembly,
PCB for sensors, etc.

The project is getting more expensive and complex than originally thought. I have wondered if their personal food computer architecture (HW and SW) is intended to scale to warehouse sized ‘farms’. This would explain the added cost and complexity, over what is required to simply automate and document growing some salad.

As such I’ve decided to watch that specific project (PFC2) from the sidelines for the near future.

A much cheaper and simpler offshoot is in progress. It it’s discussed on the same forum here:

That also uses a raspberry pi and Arduino so the parts I bought can be used again. I’ll post here if I decide to run it up. However currently I’m working on other things.

That is true but the vision as far as I understand it is to bring down the cost for the PFC enough so it’s within reach of us normal humans.

I do think that they seriously underestimated the costs at this stage though.

Currently it is out of reach but I will be paying attention. For me, it’s about the potential to grow more than salad!