Calling in - only have an old door key

Hi all, are there any good times for me to call in when i’m most likely to catch someone in? I’m a member, though maybe now a lapsed one (only reason being I live in Huddersfield, and have been a lot slacker at cycling over than I was planning to be.)

I’ve got a set of keys somewhere, but from before the flooding (and/or RFID door entry system).

I’m going to be at some of Wurthering Bytes if there is going to be anyone around Friday or Saturday?

Many thanks

Hi, @a_wilson, only just seen your message. You can hand your keys in at Wuthering Bytes itself, if you ask for Andrew Back (@9600) or me, Guy Lymer. Andrew has organized all of Wuthering Bytes. I’ll be at the event Friday to Sunday. Hope you decide to rejoin later.

thanks Guy. I might still need to call in to see if a Raspberry Pi in a British Library plastic bag survived the flood.

I’ve not been since so don’t know if it did, or I could have a hunt around for it. I’d be happy to stay a member just for occasional visits and to lend a bit of support but at the moment £120 per year is quite a lot if I’m not managing to get over at all.

Hopefully a bit of an economic upturn and I can rejoin. I joined just after Wuthering Bytes last year so i’m guessing this is my last month.


I thin you joined in October for Earth Coding, @a_wilson . So, you’re probably paid up to end of Sept. I’m on my way down there shortly, so will scout around. Anyway, we can pop in at the weekend when you’re around.

brilliant thnk you. see you at the weekend, or tomorrow even!