Christmas Social

How about everyone getting together for a social before xmas?

I suggest meeting at the space for snacks/ drinks one evening, & then adjourning to a hostelry quite shortly after. How about Wed 14th or 21st December?

Sounds like a great idea! I think I can do both of those, with the 21st being easier as school has finished. Will be good to catch up, as I know I haven’t been very often, and I can ask for advice about a project I’ve seen turning an IKEA table into a retro games thing…

21st sounds good to me also!

+1 for the 21st because I’m very busy on the week before.

OK, let’s plan for 21st December, starting at the space. Everyone welcome . . . .

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Now that we’ve just been awarded a grant from Hebden Royd, as the largest contribution to buying a laser-cutter, we’ve really got something to celebrate. Hope everyone can get along on Wed 21st December. Times to be confirmed, but shall we start at 6:30pm, and adjourn to a hostelry later?

Sounds good! I’ll aim to be down at the space for 18:30, but may be nearer 19:00.

I’m hoping to be there! Will aim for 6:30pm. Schools have broken up, so I’m much more relaxed…

Closer to 7 for me. Can’t make the pub afterwards though.

PS Bring your own drinks. The co-op will be open . . .

It’s that time of year for Bridge Rectifier to have another xmas social. How about Wed 20th the space from 6 or 6:30? We can take snacks & drinks along, & maybe adjourn to a hostelry sooner or later? Maybe @emma could discuss with anyone who’s along tonight - apologies, but I’m off to the theatre as I couldn’t get tickets for last night.

@RoboGuy It seems I’m a little late seeing this, but sounds good, I could make it from 6:30pm.

Likewise, I hope to make it along. Next Wed (13th) is unlikely, but deadlines should mean 20th is possible :slight_smile:

OK, hope lots of rectifiers can make tomorrow night. I’ll open up from 6:30pm. Jan & I will fetch along a range of food. We hope to continue at a hostelry somewhere afterwards, if anyone’s up for that?

@RoboGuy @9600 @Giles @Caz @Martin @paul123
I’m not sure if everyone else has seen this message (I had to look for it), but Guy if you’re still up for it I shall come over in a bit. I should warn you though I still have the tail end of a cough/cold.

Hi all, I’m en route should be there half 7 ish :smile:

Yes, @emma, we’re still up for it & will fetch along some food. I’ll open up for 6:30

Shall we have another Xmas Social, peoples? I can’t make 12th, but how about Wed 19th? The wife’s happy to sort out some food.

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19th sounds good to me!

Looking forward to it Guy, thanks!