CNC Router and Machine Tools

We’ve been talking forever about getting a CNC router somewhere in the outer lobby area. So, it would be good to get on with this project, and pave the way for some other machine tools. On Saturday, @Picus mentioned that he and @RichardC were considering 3D printing some parts, buying the rest, and making 1 as a project.

Today, I bumped into @tom and Neil Briggs (I think Neil’s not currently a member/ user of the forum - I’ll email this to him), and found out Neil’s professionally built machine is still available for hosting somewhere like BR. So, how about getting all the relevant people together for a meeting? I suggest that @Martin attends to identify exactly where it would go (without blocking fire exits), @Giles to discuss making room regarding disposing of unwanted kit on the nearby shelving, along with @Picus, @RichardC, @tom, and Neil. I can’t make this Wed evening myself, but if that works for everyone else, how about Wed sometime between 7 & 9pm?

Assuming we can get something up and running with Neil’s machine, should we also be kitting the space out with a bench drill, bench saw, and anything else that would broaden the group’s appeal? We should be able to get a Calder Ward forum grant for £500, if that’s the funding route we choose. There’s a Ward Forum meeting tomorrow that I’m going to - as an observer, so I’ll check timings (I think there are quarterly rounds). I wouldn’t know personally what to specify regarding this kit, and likely costings. So, if anyone has particular knowledge/ views, please post in this thread.

Awesome to hear there is one still available to us! I think the build of an enclosure will be a fun project, happy to help in whatever capacity I can.

I’ll be around this Wednesday to discuss.

I think a pillar drill would be an invaluable resource, same with bench saw or scroll saw. I do wonder about the price points of some of these items on the lower end of the spectrum, I reckon it is something like we could get 2 decent tools with 500 or 4 half decent tools.

Sounds great - bench saws would be very useful and compliment the CNC router. I’m working over in Sowerby Weds so might not be back till a bit later but will try and get there. Should probably think about some kind of dust extraction too.

Thanks for that, @tom. Do you know if Neil can make tomorrow evening?

I’ll probably see him later @RoboGuy - will ask - he should of got your email i guess?

A Henry Hoover thing seems to be the cheapest way to manage the dust - can be attached to the machines while in use. Just thinking about the poor lasers getting dusty :slight_smile:

I know nothing about these machines myself, but Neil mentioned a complicated piece takes hours to cut - surely you wouldn’t have a vac whirring away for that long, @tom?

If anyone is interested in using a bench drill & saw in the meantime, Todmorden Art Group has a neglected workshop space that would welcome some attention / use. They are a non-profit looking to improve links with other community groups. I’m a studio holder there and could help arrange access.

I think @tom, Neil (not registered on Discourse), @RichardC are planning to meet at BR tonight to discuss this. I haven’t had responses from @Martin, @Giles, or @Picus. So, all I can suggest is to see who turns up, and make whatever progress you can.

BTW, I hope someone’s unlocking? I can’t make it myself tonight.

Hi :slight_smile:

I’ll be there tonight, & can be there before 7 to unlock.

We can buy workshop extractor fans for about £50 that’ll not choke on sawdust, I don’t think that would be a problem. Also I’ve got a sturdy 90cm2 work bench that would be a perfect base for a decent sized CNC, enclosed or not

Thanks, @Picus. I’ve texted another message to @Martin. Haven’t heard from @Giles - not sure if he’s around, or had to go away again. Good luck with your discussions/ planning.

Hi All,

Yes I can unlock tonight I will be there about 7 ish


Not sure if I’ll get there in time - will try but still got some more to do here.

We have the option to apply for a Calder Ward Forum grant of up to £500 by Friday 25th May. This could cover some bench tools, if others think that’s a good way to go? Others would need to specify the shopping list.

I’m happy to work on an application if we can all work together to make the space work better for everyone. I’m keen that we use this to broaden our appeal & expand our membership.

I don’t know about tech stuff, but is this the sort of thing to make into a bench drill, or should we try to buy 1 off the shelf?

A 400W power drill used to cost about £20. They can easily be inserted into a £20 pillar drill mount. That advert says “heavy duty” … I wonder what that means, exactly.
By the time you’ve bought 3 pin plug, wired it on, found a Chuck key, etc, you’ve still only got an old drill of unknown quality. You can ask what the power rating is, but I suspect it’s not much good, seeing as it’s as give away.

That’s fine, @paul123, thanks for putting me straight!. We can still go down the route of applying for a ward forum grant, if appropriate. I’m happy to leave those with more knowledge to spec the requirements.

Paging @RichardC: