Collaborative part ordering

I often find myself in a position where I am a component or two short and need to put in a new order, but balk at the postage cost - it really adds a lot to the cost of a build, so I was wondering if we could start announcing our component orders and asking if anyone needs anything that can be added to the order?

I don’t mean to say that all our orders should be combined, that doesn’t make much sense if you are ordering enough parts to qualify for the free shipping, but that if there is something you forgot that can be tagged onto someone else’s order. Obviously the parts need to be paid for in full, preferably in advance so there’s no misunderstandings :wink:

For example, I can start by saying I have a Mouser Cart that is almost done and I will be purchasing this coming week, probably Thursday 14th June, it’s a very specific set of components for a synthesiser build I am doing for someone, I can easily add on a few extra components, does anyone need anything?