Database of components/parts available for projects

Hi All,

We have been donated various items and it would be useful if we could catalog them and put them into a database with a BR box/shelf location for members to use as required for projects.

Any ideas on the best way to implement this? Can we get a simple database plugin for the discourse?

@Giles Airtable could be connected via Zapier (probably) :wink: I’ll look into it–if it does there’s a mobile app for airtable…all members could access and edit if they use / add items…

Wee use Partkeepr at work, it’s open source and it’s pretty great.

Would just need to get it set up on a server.

Hi @Caz. Airtable on its own seems ‘friendly’ to use, and I really like the fact it has a phone app. I’ve just tried it with a few example categories & records, it’s seems straightforward. If the group decide to go with Airtable, I’d like to start entering all our parts and kit.

I really like the phone app too and the fact you can use zapier to connect to all sorts of stuff…I’ll be down at the space next Wednesday, if you’re there we could look at it togther?

OK, we should go with whatever those doing the work feel most comfortable with and/or is easiest :slight_smile:

That’s good, thanks.
@Caz, yes I’m in Wednesday evening so look forward to talking with you then.

Yes if we could do this from a mobile device it would make things much easier and easier to implement, I’ll be there this Wednesday :smile:

If anyone wants to view / edit the (handful of) demo asset-records I’ve thrown together, I’d need your email address so i can invite you via the airtable app.
I imagine we should have two database phases: creation phase, and maintenance phase. During creation phase, existing assets will be added. We should place a label on the assets once a record had been made, until creation has completed. That will help us avoid recording things twice.
Once all items are recorded, we will be in maintenance phase and can remove all the labels.
I’ve not done any of this sort of thing before so if anyone sees any problems, has suggestions, please let me know.
@Giles @Caz

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Gilese@Gmail. Com cheers :smile:

Apologies for the late response–only just seen this

Hi Caz, added that email :slight_smile:
The assets list is made up of three tables. Some of the fields in each table are shared with those of other tables, (easy to see what I mean when you have a look). I now think that’s over complicating it. Instead I think just one table, with drop down options for a couple of the fields (Type and Location).

Some more shelving arrived at the space today. I think when that is installed, we can nail down 10 or 20 Location-names, then use those in pull-down lists.

Hi @paul123 Paul,

Great, it would be good to see what you and @Caz have done with the database, I did install it on my phone. A quick tutorial would be good then we can make a start on the inventory, even if we do not get all of the shelves up we could assign items I guess, there are quite a few stickers in the space we can use.


@Giles @paul123 will get down to the space on Wednesday–happy to populate and maintain database. It would be good if we could set it up to semi-run itself though, I’ll give it some thought as to how we can do that before Wednesday :slight_smile:

Hi @Caz @Giles, afraid I can’t make it tonight. Interested to know how you could make the list self-run though…

hi @caz @paul123 I’m affraid time has got the better of me, to many deadlines for the end of May, will not be able to make it tonight sorry.