Doorbell now installed!

The Bridge Rectifier doorbell is now live! However, please note that:

  • it’s a rocker switch and not a push button, so you need to press down nearer the bottom of it
  • since it uses an energy-harvesting switch (no batteries), it needs a short sharp press and release — if you press/release slowly it probably won’t work
  • … with the above in mind, it’s generally best to give it 2 or 3 rings

Phew. A doorbell shouldn’t be so complicated, but anyway, at least we now have one… Also, @RoboGuy fixed the code in the indoor unit, so that it can’t latch and play the doorbell indefinitely.

Oh, and it’s to the left of the door as you enter Hebble End.

Just had word back from our broadband provider . . . our line will be activated for incoming phone calls in a few days - I’ll publish the number when it’s working. This means we can put a notice at the entrance, next to the wireless doorbell, & if the bell isn’t answered, visitors can phone the space.

I’ll put a message on the answering machine, directing callers to the website etc, & put a free listing for BR on Yell.

Great work, @9600 and @Roboguy!

The phone now works too - for incoming calls, with answering machine. Please add the phone number to your contacts.

Instructions to the left of the external door read: Doorbell switch - press at bottom & release sharply. Repeat after a few seconds.

If no answer, call 01422 847053

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Excellent, good stuff!

The doorbell works really well. Great work.

When opening the space, remember to plug it in!

I leave it plugged in all the time

Well you might leave it plugged in @roboguy but it’s always switched off when I open up, same this evening.

Doesn’t matter of course because if nobody is here they can’t get in anyway!