Drip Printer Uses Coffee, Wine Instead of Ink

I saw this on the internet and thought of Bridge Rectifier…


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Interesting article. I wonder what else we could use :smile:

Thanks for that, @adambuckley - a very effective image. For comparable painted versions, check out large scale portraits by contemporary American painter, Chuck Close, like this:

Alternatively, 1 of my robotic drawing machines reproduces a ‘Travelling Salesman Problem’ image, derived from any source image - I use my own pen sketches of figures. Due to cumulative errors, my machine can only do a decent reproduction from about 500 lines, but here’s an example of a more detailed TSP image - it’s a single path, made up of lots of straight lines.

I’ll be talking about these things on Tuesday night - for session on Art & Technology. I’d like to develop a machine dispensing ink, or maybe even coffee. The valve is the problem, though I’d envisaged linear marks . . . . . previously. I’ve got an old robotic vacuum cleaner, which I’d like to canibalise sometime . . . . ideal for carrying a reservoir of fluid.

Fancy building your own wheeled drawing robot? Happy to help.

$450 for one of these!


Interesting to see the ‘stipple drawing’ example, @adambuckley. A lot of drawing machines process a source image through software to produce a ‘travelling salesman problem image’. The first stage is to convert the image to ‘stipples’, based on a ‘voronoi diagram’ - ie a series of differently sized cells, rather that evenly sized pixels. Here’s the method, also from a similar website: http://wiki.evilmadscientist.com/TSP_art

thanks for the awesome information.

thanks my issue has been fixed.