Earth code workshop - Martin Howse

Artist Martin Howse will be at the hackerspace from 09th -11th October. He will run a workshop and introduce participants to the field of psychogeophysics and take participants through a range of
guided, electrochemical and experimental activities. There are introductory talks and demonstrations on Friday 09th. The workshop itself runs for two days on the Saturday and Sunday as the Earth Coding workshop. This actively explores links between contemporary technology and the earth. The event is free to members of hackerspaces. Membership subscription rates/donations for other participants to support Bridge Rectifier

I’m also pleased to be able to add on Saturday 10th at 8.30
(9pm) special performance of Martin Howse’s EarthVoice. The event is
free to workshop participants. Pay what you can/Donations to others to Bridge
Rectifier via our donations page at

more details will be posted on the website, here, and on the facebook event page over the next few days.

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Martin Howse - Midgley Moor 2013

That’s a great Image Rob. It is of a recon. Martin did with Rob back in 2013 after a workshop at the University of Huddersfield I’d organised back then in my old ‘day-job’ as a prospective for a possible future workshop. Martin has confirmed this as the site for the field-based aspects of the workshop. Thanks Rob for the photo: it is now fronting-up the Facebook event page for this workshop :smile:

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Does anyone have battery-powered speakers we could use for the workshop with Martin? and also does anyone have PC speakers that could be used with the machines at the hackerspace?

as a side note ( I’ll pull this into a sep thread at some point) how many people would be interested in linux audio meetups?

I’ve yet to brave Linux. So, “Linux audio meetups” may be a little early for some of us?

Martin Howse, Midgley Moor, 2013
Black Death synth at the Robin Hood Penny Stone

Listen to substrat radio on - which includes a recording from Midgley Moor

Would be happy to show folk the basics of ‘Pure Data’ (Pd). Sound synthesis, processing etc. Its not specifically Linux (Mac and PC versions are also available), but I currently have it installed and running on a Raspberry Pi. So it could be two birds with one stone.

that’s a great idea.

The first image is of Robin Hood’s Pennystone. My favourite place in the whole of Calderdale.

The second image is of the Miller’s grave.

If you stand at the Pennystone on the morning of the winter solstice you can see the sun rise straight out of the Miller’s Grave. There’s a photo here:

This implies that the stone was dragged into position by people.

Here is a blog post I wrote about walking on Midgley Moor. On my old but soon to be relaunched blog.

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@breakingthings I would most certainly come along to that!

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@dxhales I have a PC speaker with a battery, sound in and bluetooth that you can use for the workshop.

@dxhales It’s one of these, which you might be interested to know are going for half price on Amazon. Decent little speakers.

Introduction and Black Death Synthesiser/Dark Interpreter Open Hardware.

7pm Friday 9th October @ Bridge Rectifier, Hebble End Works, Hebden Bridge.


Day One. Saturday 10th October
Starts 10.30am Bridge Rectifier, Hebble End Works

The session in the afternoon will be on Midgley moor so please think about the outdoors…and what to wear.

We aim to finish the workshop on Saturday by 4pm

Martin will give a performance of earthvoice at 9pm on Saturday evening at 20.30 at The Birchcliffe Centre.

Day Two. Sunday 11th October

Start 10.30am Bridge Rectifier, Hebble End Works
We aim to finish the workshop on Sunday by 4pm

what do you need to bring?

Recording devices, paper, pens, audio recorders, cameras, headphones.
scrap metals
minerals, crystals, stones.
one washing up glove

a laptop if you have one
battery powered portable speakers if you have them.
portable guitar amp if you have one

Lunch: we won’t be providing food - but we will have tea and coffee.
Suitable clothing for (indoor and) outdoor workshop.

Just followed the pure data link…very interested. Love Linux.

Some images from Saturday


Fun workshop, thanks Martin and Derek


link to the text from Martin’s introductory reading.

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no link to the download on soundcloud yet - but here are the broadcast details from and Martin’s substrat radio programme.

Thermos thermite presents a virtually unedited series of recordings from a recent two day Earth Coding workshop organised by Hebden Bridge’s hacker space Bridge Rectifier. The recordings are made at the transition between moorland and woodland, between neolithic and mesolithic, between thermos and thermite.

What a fun session was that? I tried to describe it for Bridge Rectifier’s future literature, but words failed me rather. “Worm poetry” & all the screeching noises we made by pressing our fingers into mud , , , , and then there was Martin’s Earth Voice performance at Birchliffe Centre - I was surprised nobody came in asking us to turn the ‘music’ down. A truly memorable occasion - good to see the photos. Big thanks to Derek for arranging all this.