Electrical hazard - beware

Sockets in the main room stopped working. @Giles investigated and in the socket under the doorbell chime he found terminals vibrating and getting hot. Giles has disabled the circuit at the consumer unit. THIS MUST NOT BE SWITCHED ON AGAIN UNTIL FAULTS HAVE BEEN REMEDIED. The fault has been reported to the landlord today with a request for a new socket circuit to be wired from BR’s consumer unit.

There’s a socket on a different circuit (near the ceiling atop the central pole) that’s still ok.

Just to add to that, I am not sure if the socket on the ceiling is now also switched off! However there is a socket that the laser cutter & accessories are plugged into that is on a different circuit that is still live.

The landlord’s representative has agreed for us to get the work done by an electrician, which I’ve requested - I’m waiting to hear when he’ll be able to do it.