Electronics meet-up / RFID system planning, Tues 10th November

I’ll be opening up the space tomorrow (Tues 10/11) from 7PM for the Electronics Meet-up.

I hope to spend some time looking into options for the RFID access system, which is likely to be based on a Raspberry Pi running a Python script or similar. Need to work out which type of electric mechanism will be best, e.g. strike or magnetic shear.

Bring along your own project to work on, contribute ideas — and in due course, code — to the electronic access system, or just come along to hang out with other electronogeeks.



Sorry I didn’t make it yesterday. Car problems.

No worries! It was a quiet night, but I managed to get some work done :smile:

It’s not clear if anyone has gone down / is going down tonight to unlock, but I plan to head down next Wed.