European Maker Week, 30th May - 5th June

We’ve been asked if we’d like to participate in European Maker Week, which would mean hosting a workshop or similar to coincide with this. For details see:


Looks good. Could we do something related to the Flood network / IoT Calderdale?

It’d be good to get BR involved somehow, not least because they’ll promote events, summarized by area, which helps raise awareness & potentially grow our membership.

My only misgiving is we need to give notice of planned events so far ahead for inclusion in the list, & I’m not sure how specific we’ll need to be.

@treb0r 's suggestion of flood network stuff sounds appropriate. Other things happening around then, which BR may develop tech for (but nothing’s certain), include:
Alternative Xmas Day on Sat 25th June:
Handmade Parade on Sun 26th June:
or maybe a general open day to showcase a range of BR activities?

Open day / showcase sounds good, perhaps with an emphasis on the Things Network & LoRaWAN, but with other stuff there. Variety is good!

Just noticed that we need to submit forms by Wed 20th April if we want to participate in this - see:

I can’t make a meeting this Wed, but can meet up on Tuesday if it’d help? I think we could put on a general open day on Saturday 4th June. Maybe we could promote the event via Hebweb, as well as social media?

Is anyone else interested in getting involved - besides @9600, @treb0r and me? We need to grow our membership ASAP if the group is ever to become sustainable. So, please get involved if you can.