Fix It Cafe Event - 17th June in Todmorden

Just received the message below & wondered if anyone’s able to help? I’ve said I know nothing about fixing computers - maybe I should learn myself?!

I’m contacting you to see if you would be interested in being involved in an event we are holding in Todmorden.

We are holding a community celebration in Todmorden to mark the anniversary of the murder of Jo Cox with a coming together of the community to do something useful, share skills and meet people.

It will be a Fix-It Café style event where people are invited to bring their broken stuff and learn how to fix it. We have people who can fix bikes, furniture, toys and clothes and we are looking for people who can fix computer stuff. I wondered if you’d be interested in taking part?

It’s on Saturday 17th June at Todmorden Town Hall from 2-4pm in the afternoon, there will be a café running in the Courtroom downstairs and fixers in the Main Hall upstairs. Is this something you’d be interested in being involved in?

Kirsten Fussing
Neighbourhood Co-ordinator
Todmorden Town Hall
Bridge Street
OL14 5AQ
01706 548 133 / 07795 475 743

A common use for 3D printers is to print out a replacement component for something that has been damaged, or to modify something to make it more accessible. E.g. obvious example of the latter is making a replacement or add-on knob/handle/control for appliances used by people with physical disabilities.

So, assuming someone got to grips with the 3D printer…