Flooding update

I gather the canal over-topped around Hebble End. So, I’m going in to check whether the mill flooded, & if so, check what our space looks like. Will report back ASAP.

I hope everyone up there is okay. I had been thinking about you, though Mirfield hasn’t fared much better this year.

YES, THE HACKERSPACE HAS BEEN FLOODED - sorry to spoil your festivities folks.

There’s an alarm (fire?) going constantly in the main corridor, & there’s no power, but there’s about half an inch of lying water even in our space, and from tide marks, the deluge was about 9" deep. Our neighbour, Walter, says the fire exit doors in the cellar (rear left) have been ripped off. Everywhere’s muddy too.

There’s some heavy audio kit sitting on the floor, & some stuff on low shelves - whether this is all salvageable once dried out, I’ve no idea. The photos tell the story.

Are people available to rally around & help with the clean up? If so, when - this afternoon/ tomorrow? We’ll need mops & buckets, then brooms & spades/ shovels for the mud. There are also the communal areas . . . . .

Oh dear.

I have a few post flood bits and pieces to sort out in Mirfield today but I am happy to trundle along tomorrow. If there’s no electricity I would imagine first light is the plan to make the most of the day. I wonder if I have any 12V bilge pumps we can power from a car battery to help. They’re supposedly self straining and incredibly effective (they stop boats from sinking). Might need a jubilee clip or two to attach a hose. I’ll take a look.

I’m also not entirely convinced that travelling from Huddersfield to Hebden Bridge wouldn’t just put me in the category of being an arse when people need clear routes to get stranded cars and obstructions out of the way if I came today. The route goes through both Sowerby, and Mytholmroyd after all.

Pumps may be overkill, as there’s not a huge volume of water to shift, though I don’t know how mops & buckets will fare. Thanks for the offer, @WetEmoFish - we’ll see what everyone else has to say . . .

Looks like a few people are turning up tomorrow. I’ll go sometime in the morning - 10 or 11ish. @WetEmoFish may come in the morning too. @9600 is going in the afternoon. @Caz talked about going this afternoon, so I’m not sure of latest plans. David Hayward plans tomorrow sometime.

We’ll need mops, buckets, brooms, spades? Bring any food and drink, as it’ll be difficult to buy any in Hebden & we’ve no power for a kettle. Thanks for helping.

We’ll need some strong bin bags to dispose of the mud as well.

Hey folks/@RoboGuy

No keys here so I will be there at 11 to be safe then. Don’t have much stuff to bring as I live on a boat. Do have a mop and bucket. Another bucket. Some bin liners. Have a snow shovel.

Stupid canals. Who would have anything to do with them eh?

This isn’t the first time the power supply has been immersed in water! Might need a wash this time though :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I have a camp kettle. Actually it’s just the kettle from the boat. We can have tea if that little gas stove is still there? Can get water from the canal water point if that’s a problem too.

I’m busy today, but will be able to help tomorrow (Tuesday).

I’m away, back tomorrow. My house is part flooded. Once I’m on top of that I’ll pop round and lend a hand if anyone’s around, it’ll be late afternoon.

Had a busy day there today, but cleaned up the worst of it. A few of us turned up, together with a couple of volunteers. We shuffled furniture around, lifted stuff off the floor, & cleaned up the bulk. We threw water down & swept/ scraped/ scooped up the bulk of water & sludge. Various volunteers cleaned up communal areas etc. I didn’t take any photos & I’m not sure about others, so I’ve no new pics to post yet.

Next, we need to use mops/ buckets/ cloths & disinfectant to clean skirting boards, pipes, & the floor. The plan is to start from one point & work across the room. Given the forecast for more heavy rain on Wednesday, Shaun & @9600 suggested we wait until noon on Thursday for cleaning up more thoroughly. So, if you plan to go in before then, check if a keyholder (my home tel is 01422 847979) will be available, or help out with the communal areas. On Thursday, maybe wear waterproof leggings if you can - to grovel on the floor for some thorough scrubbing.

We’ve no idea when power will be restored.

All those with domestic flooding issues, can any of us help you somehow?

Thanks for the update Guy.

Sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday; we’ve been helping friends. I’ll try and rearrange my time so that I can help on Thursday. I can bring a bucket and some cloths. I think we have a bristle scrubbing brush as well.

Looking much better now after the initial clean-up, thanks mostly to the efforts of @RoboGuy and a number of volunteers who very kindly helped out. By the time we got down to the space I think Guy had already been there for ~2 hours and they’d removed most of the sludge. This is how the space is currently looking:

Will be heading down again on Thursday at midday. @Martin picked up a few mops from the Town Hall, but if you can it may be worth bringing one, along with a bucket and detergent.

Well done chaps. Sorry I couldn’t make it, we got flooded too.

Will try to pop in on Thursday.

Hello all,

Nice job, folks. I did try to get there to help myself but unfortunately getting there proved to be impossible. The traffic queue was well past Mytholmroyd (is it Friendly?) and after an hour or so I decided I should give up as I was only contributing to making it worse.

Still have all the gear in the back of the car ready though. Is the electric back on yet?

Afraid I’m going to have to apologise too, our place took far longer to sort than expected.

Thanks to all those who chipped in with the clean up.

No, @WetEmoFish, the electric still isn’t back on.

We went to Halifax today in big traffic queues, with even longer in the other direction. So, we came home along the tops - via Wainstalls, Midgeley, Height Rd, Wadsworth Lane, & dropped into Hebden town centre before joining A646.

We’re waiting until after the next storm before resuming work - hope some more folk can make it from noon on Thursday - bring your marigolds! Waterproof leggings may be useful if you’ve got any - some of us need to grovel on a wet floor in the corners.

I’ll be there Thursday at midday.

Will be heading in to Halifax Thursday morning to pick up some cleaning products, along with a few sacks of hardcore (as you would expect, got off very lightly in Heptonstall, but the deluge down the bridle path washed chunks of tarmac away, leaving big holes).

If anyone needs anything from B&Q let me know and I can pick it up and drop off.