Follow up work on Scavengers of Calderdale

A request for information / ideas,

As follow up work from this one off

We did some more at the Big Tin Shed as that was easier in terms of not lugging equipment about.

Now we want to do some things in Todmorden as there’s less going on there.

One of our aims is to develop a workshop working with microbits and scavenged motor parts from CDroms / old toys etc, to combine with pots, cardboard, lolly sticks etc, for a low cost, low tech, easy to use loose parts, making and playing kit.

Ideally these would be powered by 9V or 3v, 4.5v battery options, so that rechargable AA / 9v batteries can be used.
And would use a micro controller with block graphics drag and drop programming, and could be worked with by a 7 / 8 year old up.

This looks great but is a bit pricey,

Any other low cost suggestions for driving motors, or fun things to do?
Also if this is up anyone’s street would anyone up for a session to brainstorm options for putting together cheap kits with a bit of a motor parts that would work for kids workshops with recycled motors and other reclaimed gubbins?


I’ve gone with testing the following.

The Kitronic motor board as listed above - Motor Driver Board V2 for the micro:bit [Discontinued] | The Pi Hut

Which seems good, but pricey -
and same goes for this one -

And trying to get this set up to work as well which is much more fiddly but a whole lot cheaper - using an n-channel mosfet
and more flexible too - in terms of not just working with microbit.