Free stuff / Surplus to requirements

I’ve left some surplus components in the boxes on the shelves . I don’t want to ‘dump junk’ and make a mess of the space, so if they haven’t been taken in a month or so feel free to throw them away.

Electronic Components box
Various LEDs.
48MHz crystals.

Raspberry Pi / Arduino box
Various pin-header connectors.

PC Components box
Small memory modules (PC100, 128MB size, etc etc).
Graphics capture card (I think 1080p capable).
ATI graphics card, unknown vintage.

Hi @paul123 @9600 @RoboGuy @Martin @Caz et al.,

Maybe I have a slight difference of opinion regarding the components Paul has left in the space, they are not junk and hardly take up any space at all. I think those items should remain in the space until someone needs them for a project.

I have put ‘some’ items in the space as donations for anyone to use as they see fit, there are also some items that may never be used such as those monstrous battery loads. In terms of free space in the space it does not really seem that bad to me at presnet, personally I think the shelved look better with stuff on them.

One man (or womans) junk is anothers treasure :wink:

If things get out of hand (don’t call my old landlord in Liverpool) we should obviously have a clear out :blush:

I’m certainly a fan of the collection of highly interesting and rather decorative equipment we seem to have collected, but I do think we need to start processing the old PCs and disposing of those which are of no practical use, while also moving a lot of the museum grade computers and some of the other assorted less useful stuff out onto racking by the Hammond organ.

There are a few things incoming, such as a commercial 3D printer, along with more basic machine tools we have yet to acquire, which will need space and presently we’re rather short on this.

@Martin has offered to build shelving beneath the workbench by the laser cutter, for sheet material storage. Also reckon we could get a big run of shelving above the other workbench too.

The museum grade computers are mine, brought down by a musician friend that lives in Mytholmroyd who wanted to use them to make noises of various sorts. Except for the BBC micro, they are all working but if they’re not of significant interest, I can remove them. Getting them in there was rather disjointed after I ended up getting distracted by the Air Cadet stuff. I really am counting down to the 31st and the end of the financial year!

They’re not massively in the way, but I’m just conscious that every available shelf and surface bar the main table is now filled, with a lot of stuff that we could move to longer term storage just outside in the “reception” area. Thereby freeing up space for things which get used more and/or need a permanent home, e.g. pillar drill.

A few months ago, we thin there was a leak from the ceiling above the far right of the furthest bench. Unfortunately, the Atari was sitting in a pool of water that all spilled out from the vents underneath when I tilted it. I left it propped up for a while for the moisture to evaporate, but maybe check for damage before trying to use?

Ooh, a “commercial 3D-printer”? Thanks, muchly @9600. What an impressive set of contacts you seem to have! I assume you’ve wangled a new one for your business & are donating your quality cast-off - well done. Look forward to getting to grips with all that . . . . Have you got examples of things you’ve made with it - that may impress people at the annual town meeting? I’m there to speak about our laser-cutting project & want various laser-cut samples to show potential; it’d be good to get/ create a few 3D-printed bits as well that we can show off to raise interest - don’t get many opportunities like that.

Hi, I think some of ye olde PC computers may have suffered some flood damage I had tried to get one to work to no avail… I can not remember what the problem was, I think I needed an old skool CD-ROM to try in another computer but “computer say no…!”

If they are to go, the PSU would be useful. I am aiming on popping down the space tomorrow would you @WetEmoFish mind if I assessed them and sorted the potential WEEE from the salvage? Presumably there is no data that is needed?

I have also requested a quote for some second hand shelving racks @9600 so that is in the pipeline, it should be pretty cheap, watch this space :smile:

@Giles It should all be fine, PSUs and cables for everything - The Microvitec CUB might be ready for the bin now… but the BBC Micro looks like it suffered from a botched Cheesewedge Z80 processor card operation (its’ inside the case but would normally be in a cheesewedge outside).

I’m doing the end of year accounts for my two squadrons this weekend but when that’s out of the way I will help with anything that’s unclear. I’ll be in Halifax on Tuesday too. Not sure how Wednesday will pan out - I was working late this week.

Hi @WetEmoFish I would only be interested in recycling the boring old PC kit… I was hoping that CUB might spring back into life, the last time I saw one of those was when I was at primary school! Same goes for the BBC Micro… with a double 5 1/4" floppy it is a bit special :wink:

How about I migrate any WEEE to the ‘quarantine’ zone next to the Hammond organ, it could live there until next thursday and then assuming no one wants it it can be shredded.

Fingers crossed the BBC works!!!


Hi @Giles. I’ve acquired some shelving for the Space. It’s roughly 10 foot long, 7 foot high. I’ve claimed two runs for us, so 20 foot of shelving total. We need to wait for the stuff that’s sitting on it to be placed somewhere else, before we collect. Hopefully that will be early next week. It would have to be collected on a week-day. I’ve let @9600 know about it already.

hi @paul123 great! Let me know if you need any help with anything or if there is anything else that needs collecting?!?!

I will @Giles. I’m requesting some small benches, an RF counter, component drawers, and some Cisco PSUs:

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I’ve managed to squeeze one run of the shelving into my car so will bring down tonight, probably just after 7pm. Any help unloading would be appreciated @Giles @9600.
I can bring the other run after it has been cleared of old kit, another night.

Hi @paul123 @9600 yes no problem, I am at BR now programming an autosampler! See you later :smile:

That’s really great, @paul123! Do you know how many runs we might be able to get hold of? We could probably use a fair bit, down the side of the smaller room on the outside, inside it on one wall, and then by the Hammond. I can imagine it not being easy to move in the car and so we could move more via van.

I wasn’t planning on heading down this evening, due to needing to get on with some work. However, if it would be helpful to have more than just yourselves moving it in I can drop by. Just give me a call if so.

Thanks for the offer Andrew, I think we should be ok though.
I’m leaving Mixenden now so will be there sooner than I thought.
I’ve also got two oscilloscopes, a 200MHz frequency counter (<1ppm error), a cheap signal generator, 180 small component drawers (mostly labeled with values of included leaded resistors, capacitors etc), a couple of MCU dev kits.
We’ll need the asset tracking app mentioned in the other thread :slight_smile:

We’ve begun assembling a 3m shelving run against the wall next to the optics lab, needs finishing.
We didn’t have time to pack everything away neatly, some shelves are leaning against walls, etc, so please be aware of them.

The next 4m run I collect will fit along the long optics lab wall (opposite the door), and I’ll request another run for the shorter wall. Maybe 2m can fit there.
I’ve got a narrower shelf that can fit where the Hammond organ currently is.

I’ve been having a go at finishing what we started @paul123 :joy: (ever the optimist) think i need some more arms, hands and longer legs so have began to implement a spinoff transgenic mutation project…

Amazing contributions to the BR really good shelves, and loads of other bits n bats well done @paul123 happy days!

Tonight I’ll drop off some more shelves. I’ll try to find a step ladder :slight_smile:

@Giles. I can make Saturday, or any evening from Monday to finish the first run of shelving with you. Let me know what’s best for you. And I’ve realised we need to swap out the middle base plate that we laid down Wednesday night. I’ll explain why when I see you.
I’ve now got some video of how a shelf rests on the brackets too.

Oh, unfortunately I’ve had to return the Tektronix LCD oscilloscope. Sorry about that guys. Ah well, we’ve still got about six others…
I look forward to trying out the handheld 'scope you brought in. I’ve brought various DC Jack plugs to apply power to it ( placed under the bench to the right of the laser cutter).