Getting the gas heating working

Martin believes the pipes run all around to supply the bike shop as well, just like the electric supply was combined. I had a quick look & can see a pipe running through the far end wall, so he’s probably right.

I’ll ask the landlord. I’m seeing her on Tuesday.

I also saw Mark Lilly who says he has a wood burner that might be suitable for us

Thanks @treb0r . I’m aware of several issues to raise with the landlord, so I’d be grateful for any clarification/ progress:-

  • splitting the gas heating circuit - if it’s combined with bike shop
  • status of boiler - condemned/ just in need of service?
  • where’s the gas meter? has the landlord got MPRN (gas industry reference no.) for when we need to arrange supply contract? who’s the current supplier, even if supply is dormant?
  • the toilet needs repair - it doesn’t flush properly. It probably needs a new siphon, & the flush handle secured from swivelling.
  • the kitchen light doesn’t work, & never has - even before elec supply was split

Regarding a wood burner, I think @9600 raised it with the landlord, & they concluded that option was a non-starter. I’m assuming we’re going with reinstating the gas heating, though beyond a routine boiler service, I don’t believe BR should be paying for any work.

The rent doesn’t include any heating or power. If the boiler needs fixing or replacing we will need to pay for it ourselves.

That’s why it’s relatively cheap at Hebble End.

OK, I guess the start point is finding where the gas comes in, & what’s needed to re-direct pipes just around BR’s space. We’ll need to sort out a supply agreement sometime.

As I said previously, Sue thinks the boiler should just need servicing and as far as we know it is not condemned. At least, it was being used by the ATC before they left…

Potential woodburner issues:

  • No way is it going to heat the whole space - the heat will be localised;
  • Central heating can be left set at a very low temperature to ward off damp and frozen/burst pipes. A woodburner cannot;
  • The only practical location for a woodburner is where the boiler is, so unless we sacrifice more space for heating appliances, the boiler would have to be removed.