Git really is impressive

@treb0r thanks for suggesting git - it is really impressive now I’ve learned how to use it on the commandline. Haven’t checked out github yet because it’s just me:)

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Even if it is just you it pays to use a remote. It will prevent you from losing data if your hard drive crashes, etc.

I would suggest trying gitlab or bitbucket over github becuase they both offer unlimited free private repos.

The most impressive thing about Git is that Linus Torvalds coded up version 1.0 over a weekend!

That chap is a proper genius…

Cheers will check it out! Am looking to just try running git on my server first, check out the distributive nature.

Am currently spending lots of my limited free time trying to make a web app to save some limited work time.

Is it a sensible strategy? Time will tell…

Exactly what I do whenever I make a mess of things (apart from that time that I’d already pushed my changes up to GitHub and a collaborator had to step in and fix a rather confusing mess…)