Hacktionlab at Bridge Rectifier on Saturday 04/12/15

There is a Hacktionlab meeting going on at the space tomorrow (Saturday) 10-4(ish).

All welcome to pop in and say hello.


I’m away tomorrow, but I dropped off a couple of extra chairs for you to use @treb0r.

Please complete the online form here: http://www.bridgerectifier.org.uk/about/, @mickfuzz, to join BR, and make a payment to our bank account, whose details are found here: http://www.bridgerectifier.org.uk/donations/

Enjoy your event & hope to see you there soon.

Thanks @RoboGuy, and thanks for the muffins :cake:

There’s a chap doing amazing things with a Rapberry Pi and loads of LEDs at the moment, shame you couldn’t make it as it’s right up your street.

Yes, it was a shame to miss that @treb0r . Someone started a tradition last year (can it be a tradition that soon?) in Heptonstall of ‘advent windows’, where people set a date they’ll start illuminating their front window. I want to wire up a 16 x 32 LED matrix to an Arduino (simple) & program some images/ animations. Keep thinking of the caption “bah - humbug”, or more likely “baaaa - humbug”, with suitable ‘artwork’ . . . . . Last year, I made a kind of reindeer on acid effect with electroluminescent wire & some bits.

As it happens, I was too ill to travel at the weekend, & still am, so didn’t get down tonight either. I’m planning a trip on Thursday - if I’m well enough, so will miss your session. Hope it goes well.

I’ve just received a nice message thanking us for the use of the space.

They (The Hacktionlab people) were very impressed with Bridge Rectifier and the friendly people of Hebden and Todmorden in general.

They would like to collaborate with us to organise something on a larger scale for spring 2016.

That sounds good @treb0r. Hope more of us will make it along there next time.