Hebden Bridge Arts Festival & Open Studios

@sallyjbarker, @RoboGuy, @paul123 do we have an evening planned ?

Hi @Caz, @sallyjbarker. Next evening isn’t planned yet. A week last Wednesday a few of us tried to crystallize some ideas. We’re thinking of a water pump sprinkling some water onto a weeping willow after someone triggers the pump. Also some Bridge Rectifier-representative emblems might hang from the tree.
We’ve got a couple of pumps with tubing.
Just the other day I got a 15W solar panel to charge the battery during the arts festival. @Giles, it will only charge lead acid batteries so the one you mentioned could be needed. (Those lithium ion I showed previously need a different charger).

yes Im interested
I think I saw her work a while back in London, I like it
also love Pierre Berthet, sound artist http://www.meakusma.org/artist/pierre-berthet/ and saw him at FUSE artspace in Bradford. I like that lo-tech, hands on stuff. Maybea good way to do audience participation , setting up some objects to interact with , using water from the canal/ river/ paddling pool/ hanging plastic bottles? or possibly objects we have made on the 3D printer eg mini plastic trees ?
but if thats all going a bit too far - yes I would be interested in something with a paddling pool!
could we record the canal / river & have a live feed as perhaps part of something else?
recording the roots of trees sucking up water as people watered it? I would like to have trees involved somewhere?
maybe I could laser cut trees in latex sheet , sew them up & hang them up for people to pour water in ,like rubber gloves with holes in -they would act like upside down fountains (separate but connected piece maybe?)
happy to talk about any of this - my tech skills are practically zero!

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Hi @sallyjbarker,
My tech skills are moderate, my art skills are practically zero :slight_smile:
I’ll come down to the space Wednesday night. If you’re there we can talk about the tree & water pump idea. Also please see the link to the Wiki below.
@RoboGuy @Giles: I’ve added a diagram to the wiki showing what I have in mind:


Giles - If you can let us know the dimensions of the battery you have, I can choose a size for a box. Do you know the Ah rating too?

I want to get the pump / Arduino / power supply side of things working soon. Then I can do some testing, and hopefully then others can do further work. (I’m pretty busy outside Bridge Rectifier these months…)

Hi @sallyjbarker @RoboGuy @paul123

I can bring the battery in this wednesday, it is a small cuboid car battery, there is a bird house (vacant) in a tree next to my house that would probably fit it really well and provide some camoflage and concealment I will bring that as well.

I like your schematic Paul :smile:


Yes, let’s crack on with it all on Wednesday. I’d talked about a separate installation, but I’m so busy with other things (just finished BR grant feedback form as one such!) that I’m inclined to work on as lower priority, maybe not in time for HB Arts Fest. Happy to reconsider if people think its feasible.

The idea was for people to interact via a paddling pool, with water movement/ level being picked up by 1 or more sensors, then connect that to arduino, which would transform into sound, fed into speaker laid on its back pointing upwards, & have some (preferably attractive) shallow tank of water on top, with little jets of water dancing whenever vibration comes through holes in speaker/ wooden template resting on speaker.

The tree trail has started, and the weeping willow next to the pack horse bridge has been labelled as “Bridge Rectifier - coming soon”. Are you still planning to set up a pump and water spray there, @Giles? I’ll design some laser-cut pieces to catch the eye, but don’t want to waste material if we’re not going ahead with it.

Hi @RoboGuy @danieru-san Beth, Deri n I put some decoration up in the tree yesterday. We have a face with lasercut eyes, a bracket fungus nose and some printed circuit boards hanging. Eyes spray tears when chainsaw is operated! Could do with some more dangly bits :smile:

Well done, @giles! That must have been after I looked at it. OK, I’ll laser-cut some dangly bits - probably some tear drops, and some BR logos.

I can help with weeping tree stuff tomorrow Monday, if thats any use? my mobile is 07796 203540 if you need me to respond quickly…sally

Thanks, @sallyjbarker, & sorry for not replying sooner. I’ve just done a load of design work for stuff to laser cut. It includes a diamond shaped BR logo, teardrops to go below the face @giles made, arrows to fix to the plastic chainsaw (to point at trigger), BR sign (with re-made logo), and “Make Me Weep” arrow sign. I’m off to the space to see if I can get all this cut tonight. All being well, I’ll get it all hung up tomorrow afternoon or evening - let me know if you want to get involved with that arty bit!

Hi @RoboGuy @danieru-san I visited the tree today to check the water, but unfortunatly someone has stolen the chainsaw… shame that lump of plastic cost me £20! Anyway not to worry the face is still there and the rest of the equipment however someone had moved the camoflage turf off the battery…

Easy solution is to put a doorbell onto the tree connected to the wires, this would still make the willow weep.

I can do this tomorrow evening, got to go to Liverpool early.

@sallyjbarker it would be great if you have any ideas for the tree. If you look at the tree, it is dancing, we have a head with a face, but could do with some other BR style decoration or anything else you see fit!

Cheers :smile:

Oh, what a shame @Giles! I’d like to think Hebden Bridge was better than that. But hey, that sounds like you’ve come up with a very quick solution.

I was going to cut a couple of arrows to point at the chainsaw, but they can just as easily point at a doorbell. Maybe I’ll cut some holes, so we can hang the arrows - make them less likely to get nicked!

Here’s what I’ve just laser-cut, ready to hang sometime tomorrow - probably evening as @Giles is going to reactivate the installation with a doorbell operation.

looking good @RoboGuy well done :smile:

Just realised the above pic doesn’t indicate scale - the red signs are 38 cm wide, BR logos are 7.5cm square, and the teardrops are 50mm high - hopefully in scale with the face made by @Giles

Hi - just got all of this and you’ve done an amazing job guy, all looks good
sorry I’m working tomorrow then go early to the Trades as archie’s doing a school gig.
I might not be working on thursday -so if you’re still hanging I’ll come & help. You can always text me - 07796 203540

just seen the post about it getting nicked ,
Ill have a look at the tree tomorrow when going through . but off the top of my head without seeing it -
dancing: maybe CD’s cut into lots of small hexagons/ diamonds/ spirals / zigzags, to dangle similar to a discoball catching sunlight (what sunlight!) . If it was dark we could put LED lights in like a disco but have a feeling theyl get nicked?

One less dangly bit on the tree, this is bad news. Doorbell it’ll have to be!
Was looking great when we left it the other night.
I opt for more dangly bits, anything’ll do.

Tomorrow afternoon or eve I’ll hang all the stuff I cut last night - photo in earlier post. Wanted to wait for doorbell instead of hanging arrows pointing at nothing. So, I’ll go along & check if @Giles has managed to resolve things.