Hebden Bridge Arts Festival & Open Studios

Things are still in the planning stages, but . . .

Open Studio applications usually need to be in around 20th Feb - £35 charge. I normally participate in this, as I’ve a studio at Artsmill, and propose to do so for 2017. Ideally, it would be good for BR to get involved, particularly as some of our neighbours at Hebble End will be, and visitors tend to do the rounds of whatever’s open. It would mean manning the space, at least over the weekend - is anyone interested?

I also plan to get involved in HB Arts Festival, and have a meeting with the Director on Friday. I’d like to use it as a way to promote BR, & recruit new members. The Festival would like to take over an empty building, if we can find one around then, and fill it with installations/ hands-on stuff etc. Maybe using our space at Hebble End could even be an option?

@RoboGuy here’s the link to the installation at Burning Man. Venturi pumps squirt and swirl gas which rises up through the sand–raking the sand produces a water like effect from the flames. My brother is helping me track down the maker to find out how it’s done.

I’ve just downloaded & completed an initial draft for BR’s submission to Hebden Bridge Open Studios. I suggest BR opens on Sat 8th & Sun 9th July (11 - 5pm), but I’m planning to open my own individual studio at Artsmill then, so won’t be able to man BR’s space as well.

This draft takes up the full limit of 30 words for the description, but others may wish to edit.
“Hackerspace/ makerspace organised as a not-for-profit community operated space for sharing skills, knowledge & equipment related to electronics, computing, digital art, & much more. Facilities include a laser-cutter and 3D-printer.”
To see examples from 2016, see: http://hebdenbridgeopenstudios.org/home

We’ll need to submit an image along with the form, which could be something related to laser-cutting, or could be something produced by @9600, as he’s willing to present some of his own work that weekend. It costs £35 to enter the event, for which BR gets an entry on the Open Studios website, and the booklet, which is printed in large volumes. I’ve suggested that, if there are enough, Hebble End Works is presented as a studio group, comparable to Artsmill, Northlight & Brooklyn Studios, which should help to increase the footfall.

Don’t think I’d registered the dates for this and that is close to my birthday, so I may well not be around. Best to assume that this is the case, but if I am here I’d be happy to bring some stuff down.

I’ve filled in the form for HB Open Studios & will need to send it off mid week before I go away - to meet the deadline. It costs £35 to enter, but I think it’s a great opportunity to raise our profile. We can worry nearer the time as to who will be there, & showing what. Does that sound ok?

Just entered Bridge Rectifier into Hebden Bridge Open Studios on Sat 8th & Sun 9th July. Any help with manning the space would be appreciated, as I’m already booked to open my own studio at Artsmill then. We can worry about it nearer the time. It should help to raise our profile.

Hi @RoboGuy et al.,

Had an interesting chat to Bee Jasko the other day, she popped down the space and met @paul123 Bee would like to register on the next laser cutting workshop and is interested in joining BR as a member.

During the arts festival there is a tree trail which has been running for quite a few years now http://hebdenbridgeartsfestival.co.uk/tree-trail-2016/

I think I/we have volunteered us to participate and decorate a tree. During discussions @paul123 and I had quite a few ideas regarding an arbiculturistic/artistic/electronic/aqueous vision that would be really good fun to put together.

Anyone else interested in making this happen? The theme is water, it would be good to make our tree interactive if possible.

I’ve ordering a pump (12V 120W) to use in laminar flow water jet(s). Example jet:

I have in mind two or three jets / arcs, maybe illuminated. Hope it’s not too ambitious, given the time frame!

For the June HB Arts festival, I’m not sure how to safely power this as a public, unattended display. It may not be do-able for that event. Perhaps we could have a tree on private land. Possibly have the kit padlocked inside an isolated box, chained to the tree. Or maybe we’d only be able to have it active during times when one of us was in attendance, (very time consuming :frowning: ).
It would still be nice to do something (interactive?) for that event though, maybe with technology that had much lower, safer energy requirements.

Alternatively for the Open Studios event, 12 hours over a weekend is short enough for a couple of us to remain in attendance to ensure no one gets hurt. I can do at least one of those days.

Some more ideas for discussion…
Vortex water feature:

Dissapearing jar (in glycerin).

@Caz I’ve only just seen the Burning Man flame raking video you mentioned above. Did you find out how it was done, by any chance?

No still not tracked down the maker, love the water stuff though!

I’m still wondering about a potential ‘performing data’ installation, inspired by an event I went to at FACT Liverpool. HB Arts Fest Director liked the idea when I pitched it. This artist created a piece, where live flow/ ripple/ swell data from around Hastings Pier was transformed into sound, and vibrations from an upturned speaker set a series of little water jets bouncing in a shallow tray.

My thinking is to have people interact via a paddling pool, then flow/ water level sensors(?) capture information, which is fed into an Arduino, then converted to sound somehow, and transformed into a visual artwork in a similar way. That’s the idea, but I don’t know much about the methods, or what kit to source . . . . . Anyone interested in helping?

Like it @paul123 @RoboGuy I have a water pump (needs mains) but we may be able to get a load of 12 V windscreen washer pumps from the scrap yard, Kevin still owes us for our old kitchen sink!!! :smile:

Hi @Giles, @RoboGuy. Just a reminder that Bee (HB Arts Festival) said she’d visit the space on Wednesday night. I hope we can decide then what (if anything) we can do for the upcoming water-themed events. Cheers…

Yes, fine with me. Bee came along to the laser-cutting intro on Saturday, @paul123 & started designing a sign. She plans to add a number to it, different for each of the trees in a trail. I think @Caz, worked with her, or @Freddie?

Hi @Giles, @RoboGuy. Sorry for the short notice - I’d like us to meet Bee tomorrow (Wednesday) night at the space to nail down what we can do for the event(s). I’ll bring down some pumps and batteries I have. Cheers…

Hi @paul123 @RoboGuy yes I will be down tomorrow :smile: Bee emailed me to say she will be there at 8. I will have more time now to contribute et cetera I passed my PhD with minor corrections yay!

That’s great, and congratulations Giles! :slight_smile:

Congrats, @giles. Looking forward to seeing science stuff

Here’s our entry for Hebden Bridge Open Studios on 8 - 9th July (11am - 5pm): http://hebdenbridgeopenstudios.org/bridge-rectifier

when do you think you might discuss BR being involved in the open studios? on one of the wednesday evenings or on an art& tech tuesday? I am interested in the art side of this

sorry that sent early! I’m interested in the arty bit and also in collaborating for the open studios , I work in sculpture/ installation— if thats of any use? In terms of the festival theme of water - potential in using the canal and river?