Hello, I've just joined

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’ve just joined this afternoon, looking to do some interesting things with 3d printing, laser cutting, maybe working some other things in. I’ve been doing geeky stuff for most of the last 25 years (35 if you count waggling a Spectrum RAM pack to get Jetpac working), everything from Windows tech support, building & fixing PCs, servers, web design, photoshop, Linux, Apache, loads of bits really.

I’ve got a couple of 3d printers, one is an FDM printer with 40cm3 build area, the other is a small UV-cure SLA printer of the type used for dental implants & jewellery (which I’ve not got round to using yet). Also I’ve got a wood lathe, with which I am trying to branch out in to making rings.

I’d be very interested in increasing the 3d printing repertoire at Hebble End, & maybe even offering some 3d printer workshops or introductory sessions…


Excellent! I’m down here till about five ish and will be back here at 7 tonight, could possibly sort out yours keys and access today if you’re around.

All the best,