I have some Laptops

Hey - I’ve got a pile of laptops that I’ve collected over the last few years. They’re all broken in various ways, but they’ve got all their memory, cd’s etc in them (I’ve probably removed their hard drives). Is this something you collect for your various projects and “fixing” sessions. If so - I can drop them off with you at some time. I’m over in Halifax, but happy to pop over.

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this.

Thanks for the offer @seanbamforth. I don’t think it’s something Bridge Rectifier can make use of just now, but I’ll query with a couple of contacts who may be interested - watch this space.

Did anybody contact you about these @seanbamforth? Dotcom in Hebden mentioned they’d be interested, but I think Noisy Toys may have beaten them to it.

Haven’t heard anything @RoboGuy, no.

OK, @seanbamforth, please email Mike at Dotcom in Hebden Bridge, as he doesn’t have access to this forum (& I haven’t got your email): talk2us@dot-communications.co.uk

Or see other contact details: http://www.dot-communications.co.uk/contact.html
Dotcom is a local charity that recycles hardware & trains people to get back into work. Mike would be happy to see your hardware re-used wherever possible.