iPad Repairs for Intergenerational Project

Just received this enquiry via FB Messenger. If anyone can help, I’ll put you in touch.
Who’s tech based at Bridge Rectifier. I really want to look at whether it’s feasible to take old i-pads, mend them and put on apps for digital storytelling (annotating images), doing video dairies, and video link online. I would love to do this as a project with kids involved in my inter generational garden project at Mytholm Meadows, so we can work on ongoing collaborations with restrictions. If I can do it, I will apply for some funding to get it started.
Btw. I love those sculptures on your cover photo

This is a great idea - I love it when you can use older tech creatively.

I would imagine it might be more satisfying to do this project in parallel with older laptops with linux installed and perhaps old DV cameras (I still have two that I bought off @Deckspace )
but using old ipads that can’t now update (thus making skype, chrome etc not work) could work as a camera - and then transfer to laptops.
I would volunteer to help get a small suite of working equipment running video editing software up and running - Just working on a video tutorial set up now with Steve at Noisy Toys using an old PD150 as an over head cam - recording live into Kino - then combining with live OBS Studio material from webcam and screen capture in Kdenlive. I think this manuals I wrote has stood up pretty well and could be useful

Thanks, Mick - I did think of you and Steve Summers. I’d planned to send her your details anyway, but now that you’ve responded positively, I can send something more substantive!