Joining Bridge Rectifier?

I think I’d like to join. Partly because I’ve just ordered a pyBoard (@RoboGuy I enjoyed talking to you about arduinos, but I like the idea of sticking with python!) and want to do something cool with it. Possibly a robot.

The only thing I’m concerned about is that I won’t have a lot of time available to come to the space, is that a problem?


It needn’t be a problem. You can obviously participate to some extent remotely via these forums. We also have some who joined up mostly to support the hackerspace and who never (as far as I know) actually make use of facilities.

Cool well I’d like to come when I can! Mainly to ask for help, I fear!

I’ve filled in the forum on the website doesn’t seem to be a way to pay tho?

Great to have you join us!

@Caz, @RoboGuy, have you received the membership application?

Yes, @Shirtboy - I plan to catch up with things like that tonight.

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