Lab tour in Manc?

Hi All,

Just wanted to offer a tour of some labs at the University of Manchester, it could make an interesting field trip followed by a few jars in the nitty gritty. If any one would be interested let me know and we can organise something. The tour would be to the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology and the Photon Science Institute you would get to see some lasers, scientists and off course some mass spectrometers… bring your own packed lunch! Depending on peoples schedules weekends are an option.


Count me in! Can you arrange a tour of their skips also? I’ll book a long wheelbase transit van… :smiley:

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Well it looks like the PSI are having a massive clear out, loads of kit that they want to put in a skip… I have sent them a message to get hold of it :smile: I hope it is heavy enough…!!! :

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this sounds great. I’d be interested as well, depending on the date.

For people who work in Manchester, another possible date for your diary is the evening of 16th September at the Lowry. There is an after work event organised by Superposition, the Leeds and West Yokshire arts-science-maker network.

Count me in too, depending on date. Late September would be good for me.

I’d be interested to come along if I’m available, @Giles, though I think the science speak will lose me a bit quicker than the others!

@giles, any word on this PSI junk mother lode? :smiley:

Hi Andrew, I have just sent another email today chasing it up but received a load of out of office replies… they should be back on planet photon next week!

Hi All,

So how about organising someithing towards the end of September as Rob has suggested a date. Would during the week be OK or should we try for a Saturday?


I can probably do either, @Giles, but I also think we should have an open day at the space maybe late September. So, let’s try to plan that at the same time.

A Saturday would be better for me and I imagine better for most.

Hi all,

How about saturday the 28th January?


I can make that date, @Giles

Me too, sounds good!

I’ve put it in my calendar @Giles. Looking forward to it, thanks.
I’ll try and bring some thoughtful questions with me, but don’t bank on it :slight_smile:

@Giles shall I drive there in the van?! :wink:

Hi @9600 @paul123 @RoboGuy, very slight change of plan if thats ok… I’m just thinking that maybe I may need the 28th just incase, it is the final date for the submission of this horrible work I’m doing. The 29th would be my first day of freedom, can we do that date instead please, it would be the Sunday, alternativly we could go the week after? What ever is best for you guys.

Vans and trucks always welcome! :sweat_smile:

Happy to do 29th, @Giles. I can’t make the following week . . . . as I’ll be in Cuba!:grin: