Laser Cutting - registering interest

Bridge Rectifier expects to take delivery of a laser-cutter in January 2017. Following some testing and establishment of safety procedures, several open days & ‘introduction to laser-cutting’ days will be planned to showcase this & other projects to the community, and to train people in the laser-cutter’s use.

We welcome individuals to register an interest in the training days by posting messages in this thread. There’s no commitment, and no charge for doing so.

Sign me up please, Guy :slight_smile: See you at the space tomorrow night…

Hi All,

These are some laser H&S regulations. The cutter should be designed to be inherently safe with appropriate interlocks. Never the less if servicing is required with open beams safety first!

Useful link, thanks, @Giles!

We’ll need to regularly clean the mirrors and lenses, but this shouldn’t require bypassing the interlocks/open beams. I think that if alignment is required you can maybe save time by doing that, but I’d recommend policy be that this is forbidden, just to keep things simple and safe.

I’d be interested in seeing how it works!

As Andrew says, cleaning shouldn’t require bypassing any interlocks.

Alignment isn’t complex, but can get fiddly and time consuming, though again is possible without bypassing any safety features.

Guy, I’d like to attend a training day.

@RoboGuy, Chelsea — our trainee and my niece — has offered to do a basic intro to laser cutting on the evening of Thursday 12th January.

Be good if whoever is available could make it along, but not essential to have everyone there. Idea being that once a few folks have grasped the basics they can then train others up…

Thanks, @9600 & Chelsea - I’ll be there. Anyone else, @paul123, @Shirtboy, @Giles and @davidhayward?

I’ll be there.

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I’ll be there too.

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Just to add that if anyone coming along next Thursday could bring a laptop and install Inkscape on this beforehand — don’t leave it until that evening, as we don’t want to lose any time installing software…

I should be able to come, will need to check diary!

Should anyone be up for lending a hand when the laser cutter gets installed and as part of its commissioning be given a run through maintenance etc., @RoboGuy, @Martin and myself will be down at the space from just before 1PM tomorrow (Monday 9th Jan). The more the merrier!

I’m very interested but have limited availability this month. I will be relatively free soooooooooon!

I forgot to highlight this to you, @Matt. Note the induction planned for this Thursday, if you can make it, after which @Martin and I will train anyone else.

What time are we getting started on the intro? I can’t be there this afternoon, but I’ll be down in the evening.

We didn’t state a time. I’m assuming 7pm start, but it’s up to @9600’s niece, Chelsea, who’s running the show?

Sorry, 7PM and please everyone make sure that you already have Inkscape installed! /cc @Martin, @paul123, @Shirtboy, @Giles, @davidhayward, @Matt, @sky and @WetEmoFish (not sure who’s coming down…)

I can’t come for the full session but can pop in until about 7:40.