LaserCut Links, Uniform Resource Locators and Pointers

A temporary place to collate info on Laser-cutter documentation for consideration in inclusion in more formal documentation.
Let me know if anything breaks, I’m happy to curate.

No manuals that I could discover but still actively moderated.


I assume there is some useful info there. More than this groups GitHub at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ditch GitHub, Microsoft has its tentacles in it. It’s quickly “gotten icky”.

Specific to a different make/model but general info is good.

On using Corel Draw for path prep. Workflow.

For use in demo mode (dongle-less) to streamline home-site file preparedness. For those who are easily irritated by time wasting dud imports.

Not tried this yet on my linux Ubuntiu rig, if it does not work I’ll remove the post.

Alternative; unsupported laser-cutter control software. Just curious.
Bookmarking for future examination.

I’m actively looking for appropriate software manuals and guides. If you have anything remotely useful post a link so I can have a look. - if it is pleasing to you that you should do so.

Brand new Inkscape forums! If you want stuff improved, this is the place to talk about it. See you there.

Displays and allows the manipulation / optimisation of the cut path in .dxf files. Prepare to save time and energy.

Inkscape DXF export code maintenance

multi OS option includes linux and spyOSs.
May need to upgrade the controller board to bypass a dongle.
Don’t know enough about this rig to be accurate.

Do you have a wiki login? This might be a good place to add such info: