Leaflets distribution

I really enjoyed the open evening last night.

As discussed with @RoboGuy I put some of the Bridge Rectifier leaflets in the Town Hall when I went for baby signing. It goes through someone who checks it etc but they said it would be fine as it was a non-profit.


Cheers James.

I enjoyed the open evening too. Nice to see new faces.

Maybe see you next week?

Hoping so!

I go into a few of the libraries in Calderdale semi regularly, would it make sense to put leaflets in there?


I was speaking to the Wing Commander and WgExO and STEM is becoming an important aspect of the Air Cadet sillybus. There may be some merit in asking Calder Valley Squadron to put a notice up about Wuthering Bytes on their noticeboard and aiming to recruit them at the event (as the rules would prohibit them from promoting an outside organisation) when they realise the proximity.

They are around: Monday and Thursday 18:45 to 21:15 and the Squadron OC is Flt. Lt. Dennis Price.

If I have a printable copy I can do the same at Halifax Squadron where I am currently the treasurer.