LoRaWAN modules @ Electronics meet-up, Tues 12th April

Now that we have the LoRaWAN / The Things Network (TTN) gateway up and running, we can move on to looking at how we connect devices to this. Next Tuesday, 12th April, I plan to bring along a selection of LoRaWAN modules and we can see if we can publish data via TTN.

If you have a Raspberry Pi or Arduino, bring it along and, if possible, a breadboard and a few jumper wires.

Blog post here with a few more details:


@Matt, @sky, @Giles, @RoboGuy, @WetEmoFish, @Caz — tagging in case you’re interested :slight_smile:

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Great, @9600. Looking forward to learning more about this area. See you tomorrow.

Sorry @9600, but I’m going to give tonight a miss. I’m down with a lurgy & need to get in tomorrow night to talk about the Lamplighter Parade - we’re expected to submit proposals & budgets by about Thursday.

@RoboGuy no worries and sorry to hear you’re unwell. Just down at the space now, got a few projects I can work on and if nobody else turns up by 8PM or so I’ll probably head off.