Make:Shift:Do showcase workshopping

So Steve from NoisyToys invited us to get involved with the Make:Shift:Do event. It is being hosted over at the ATC.

I went to the ATC to take a look today, they don’t seem to have any electronics or PC stuff in place - although someone is doing some automata related work and Steve’s noisy toys is down there.

The Make:Shift:Do:Event. sounds interesting and open enough to be worth doing something at. Steve from Noisytoys is the lead on making it happen I think?. I’m thinking of going along to the event with a ragbag of things, an arduino, a raspberry pi, a laptop, maybe one of martin house’s noise synths, a copy of PD and processing. I said I’d be interested in promoting the hackerspace space through this event and that I thought the town was small enough to get a useful network of making places together, make them visible to each other, collaborating on things maybe, doing the different things they’d each do best, etc.

This thread is to invite comments on what everyone thinks of the idea of this event and possible participation.

I can’t see a link yet on ATC’s website: . I think Steve said late October - maybe 24-25th? I’ll be happy to help out if I’m around.

I’d like to put together a flyer for promoting BR - to hand out at Wuthering Bytes, & then adapt it for other events. I’ll set up a separate thread for that.

I think there’s a separate site currently - the ATC site looks like it is quite out-of-date.

I sent Steve an email with the following:

You could use the following texts based on the current website for the Make:Shift:Do event.

I’m not sure how many of us will come along - but I’ll be there with a laptop, an arduino, a raspberry pi something like that - maybe something left over from the martin howse workshop synth-wise - please do come along to that event on 9,10 and 11 October!

blurb below:


Bridge Rectifier is a hackerspace community and resource based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK.

Bridge Rectifier is a place for the curious: artists, designers, engineers, activists, amateur scientists, armchair philosophers, makers, tinkerers, innovators.

Hackerspaces are community-operated spaces for people with an interest in electronics, computers, open source, amateur radio, science, technology, digital art and much more.

Our programme of member-led events includes regular meet-ups to support arduinos, Raspberry Pis, electronics, robotics, automata, DIY biology, open source computing, reverse engineering, 3d printing, prototyping, art, philosophy, fiction, politics and other member-led and individual projects.