Meet ups in 2022!

Hi all, I still haven’t been to the new site but my new year resolution is to do more making! Will anyone be around in early January? Is Wednesday Jan 5th meet up going ahead?

I really enjoyed being back yesterday evening. Really amazed what a few of you have done to the place!

Richard brought some Zumo robots ( which are amazing and can ‘fight’! I can definitely imagine an robot fight-club taking off.

I was mulling over @RoboGuy’s thoughts about getting more members in. When I first joined I remember we made a living-hinge box with the laser cutter, and it was a great way in. I wonder if we could prepare a few similar projects for new starters, e.g.

  • a laser cut project
  • something 3d printed
  • an electronics project with LEDs
  • an audio project (tiny keyboard with piezo?)
  • a little robotics project

I guess the key is to have the instructions ready, and all the materials to hand. I’ll try and bring something along to test next Weds.

Obviously intermediate and advanced projects would also be good, but ‘beginner’ is definitely my level!